Peach State says: Natures Pyrotechnics At Their Best

Morning number two! Last night we were fortunate to see a Thunderstorm moving in. The lightning was vivid in it’s display. The faintest of sounds rumbled low and soft telling us the storm was not close. We took our exhausted bodies to bed! We woke up this morning to the flash flood sounds coming from the condo above us. Fully awake we headed out onto the balcony to enjoys our cups of COFFEE. “Wow! Look at the river!”

Sadly the swollen river was not our first initial hint that it had rained…my husband stepped on the rug laying outside the door… This pic was taken an hour from the original sqoosh!

See the footprint!

I will close today knowing the plans laid out might get rained out…”40% chance of Thunderstorms!”…it was only 30% yesterday. We are enjoying ourselves and our time together. Miracle among miracles we have not had any bashing of teeth or pulling of hair between our two sons here. Kinda makes you wonder…”When does the bomb drop?”

Here are two more pics from the morning…notice the clouds sitting on the mountain. Have a great…humid…day!



Peach State

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  1. Ha, ha! That is a perfect footprint! I hope Mother Nature behaves herself, so that your family can stick to the agenda! Enjoyed the pictures; keep ’em coming!

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