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Peach State says: Busy is My Middle Name!

Mental flow-chart completed and ready for additions and the possible eliminations. Today is a day for another fun-filled-day of workman bustling around my house. I am sure glad that I have no place to go today…oh wait!…it is election day and I need to vote. (add voting to the mental-flow-chart!)
I have plenty of things on my detail-oriented-to-do-list. I planned and executed thoroughly as I drifted in and out of sleep cycles last night. “Which would explain my deep desire for more strong coffee!” The details danced around my head to the tune of the solo I have to learn for the Choir Special on Sunday morning. It is a rich-fast-paced-soulful-ad-lib-way-outside-the-comfort-zone type of solo. “I really need to learn to control the dancing going on in my head…I get wired when I should be tired!” Just a thought…”Wouldn’t it be great if all that dancing and moving around would burn calories?”

Yep…Busy is My Middle Name!

So, as usual, I was up early and headed down the stairs in full auto-pilot mode and began the squirting and pouring of milk and syrups for the espresso. I glanced out the oversized windows and saw the sporadic rain drops that were beginning to splash on the surface of the deck. I opened the mental-flow-chart and marked through a couple of items due to the change in the weather and continued with the preparation of breakfast. “I guess I was to busy in all that planning and forgot to organize the weather for today.”

The workman just called and they will be here in about 20 minutes.

The daily pills have been placed in the container for my youngest. With the added activities this school year I am trying something new…anything to streamline the schedule. My youngest has been taking TKD, as you know, but with school starting tomorrow it is going to be interesting with homework thrown into the mix. But wait…that’s not all… A new basketball league is getting ready to start, at our church, and is scheduled to run from August to the first weekend in November. Let’s just say..”We will see how well this works!” If my youngest cannot keep up with his school work and be polite and focused at home, TKD, and basketball he will not be able to participate next season. “I will keep you posted!”

I know my mutual-cat-loving-friend is thrilled…we may get to see each other because her son will be playing on the same league.

Well…daylight is burning (overcast daylight) and I have a couple of things to do before the workman arrive. I just want to know one thing before I close…What is your Middle Name? Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Never Saw It Coming!

I need to know you are awake before telling you this wonderful news.
There I was…checking my blog stats with robotic precision only to find no overwhelming increase in the views and likes. I second guess myself and hope, somewhere out in the vastness of the blogosphere, someone is relating to my words and stories. I click the notifications tab and there it was…a bright shinning beam of light!

“I just wanted to let you know, as a fan of your blog, I have nominated you for a couple of awards!”

I Never Saw It Coming!

“Sorry…I break into song at the drop of a hat these days!”

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I would like to first thank tickalongnice. The recognition from readers and bloggers is…well…wonderful!

Would you like to see the newest blog awards presented to JustBetweenCousins?



Don’t they look great? There are a few things I have to do…you know…the rules of acceptance…so here goes!

*Post the awards on blog…check
*Thank the blog/blogger for the nomination…check
*List seven things about yourself
*Nominate seven bloggers for the award

Because there are two awards that were given at the same time I do not know if I have to fulfill the requirements separately or if I can combine into one group of seven. We will see how it goes!

7 Things About Me:
1- I want to become a Studio Singer. These singers are not the recording artist but sing backup. I have resigned myself that getting a recording contract is not a possibility at my stage of life.
2- I love to communicate using movie quotes.
3- I cannot cook without sampling.
4- I am constantly learning new things and realizing I can do more than I thought I could.
5- I am not as weak as my sons think I am…but let’s just keep that juicy tid-bit between us!
6- I love asking the grocery store cashier if I qualify for the 50% off promotion. The responses I get back are mixed…with a few not-so-nice-snooty-we-don’t-have-that looks. “But it is still fun!”
7- I have an great group of friends! Several of my friends are just like me…scary as that may sound I chose to believe it is a wonderful blessing.

7 Blogs I Am Nominating for these Awards:
2- Texana’s Kitchen
3- spiritedmama1
4- Katherine O. Cooper
5- All that makes you
6- The Laughing Housewife
7- The Parenting Gig

A big thank you to all my readers and blogging supporters. I am off to take my youngest back to school shopping. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Back to School…You’ve Made a Mistake!


Teachers to meet, classes to find.
Retracing the steps left behind.
Four days left, back to the grind.
Time to bring order to the mind.

Summer’s still here, for goodness sake.
I wish I was going to the lake.
Early to bed, and early I wake,
To catch the school bus I have to take.

Pencils and pens, paper all lined.
New shoes for the stairs I will climb.
Notebooks and folders, paper will bind.
Here are the forms for you to sign!

This can’t be real! See the date!
It is time for more memories to make.
Mom just smiles, “Don’t be late!”
“Back to School…You’ve Made a Mistake!”

This was based on some of the phrases my soon to be 6th Grader has said since yesterday. School starts August 1st…Wednesday and that is four days away. He really has mixed feelings about school starting. Can you see that in these thoughts? We met the teachers yesterday and the topic was the same among the parents and kids….”It seems early this year!”…”Can I go see my friends?”…these questions could be heard all around us. The good news is that we will have a week off in September so the first official countdown has begun. “Sorry…I still tend to think like a teacher.”

When do your kids start school? Are you ready for what the new year will bring?

I am glad I only have one going to school…which means only one stack of forms to sign. Yes…yes…yes! I hope you enjoy this end of Summer with your family….Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Dawn’s Early Noise!

We each have those cheerful morning sounds that begin as the sun creeps up chasing the darkness away. The parade of vehicles moving up and down the road, carrying people into a route of traffic and slug like movements, before reaching various destinations and places of employment. The occasional siren and large truck cast their unique sounds into the mix only to fade as they move farther down the set routes. The songs of the early birds greeting the sun…singing at the top of their tiny little lungs. All of these and more are Dawn’s Early Noise!

Yesterday, however, the world was calm and still as I moved through my set path. Into the kitchen and straight to the coffee pot. My second nature I-can-do-it-with-my-eyes-closed routine was well underway as my Precious Princess came slowly into view. I ceased what I was doing and walked to the front door to let her out. I was then bombarded with the incredible sound of a cornfield. It was a loud, screechy call of the wild giving the hearer the feeling of being in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The only thing missing was the cornfield and the ground covered by birds. I looked closer and saw more crows than I would like to see in the trees across the street. “I must confess that the presence of more than one crow gives me the willies and the movie “The Birds” did scare the daylights out of me!” The moments, like sap moving down the outside of a tree, passed slowly as the dark birds cawed and crowed. I did not care to know what they were saying but, from the sound of it they were a little put-out that the sun had shown up. Once back in the door…safe and sound…the fingernail-scraping continued. Slowly the other birds joined the morning wake-up call and the crows moved to another location.

This morning was back to normal with the fragile chirps and whistles from various types of birds. There were no dark shadows plaguing the trees and the volume was kinder and gentler on my waking ears. I am ready to finish my coffee and start my day filled with meeting teachers and a 6th grade schedule Walk Through and Welcome! Yep…really looking forward to the traffic jam and parking nightmare for this activity. “You would think that the County would have figured out there was a deficiency and would have added a few more parking spots.” Oh well! It has been this way since my first child was there…

I hope you are able to greet the day quietly. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Am I in Trouble?…Well Give Me a Minute!


If you have ever been given that stern look…you know the one that says “You’re in trouble!” but you can’t for the life of you think of anything you may have done. Well, my motto is:

Am I in Trouble…Well…Give Me a Minute!

At least I know I am capable of doing something wrong…and “Knowing is half the battle!

This was one of the many conversational “blog title” moments last night in choir! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Time!

I just love this song and had to include this!
Keeping in the song motivated theme let’s begin this weeks Facebook Funnies Time!


“And this is Thriller!”

Or is this just a great impression from “Bridget Jones’ Diary”?

Okay enough of the tunes…How about some thoughts for the day!

How many times have I heard this? Yep…too many!



This is really sad…or someone has way to much time on their hands.

This is proven…and works every time!

Please take the first legal u-turn!


This week I could not decide between these two for this week’s Blog Worthy Award Winner so here they are!

Just thinking about this makes my skin crawl…But knowing who posted this makes me ROFLOL. (Sorry…inside joke!)

This reminds me of my son on the phone with friends and family!

Last funny for the day…

Yep…coffee and chocolate…yum!

You can calm down and catch your breath. I hope you found something to make you laugh! Remember to share the humor and have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Bettered the Coffee Master!

The end of the month run to Starbucks is prompted by the arrival of my long awaited $$$$…The check arrives and I dash to the bank hoping to reach the drive-thru window before they close. “Thank you postal delivery person for the lateness of my mail!” Success! Next stop is the local Starbucks which is on my way to TKD. I have been frequenting this specific Starbucks since moving into the area 12 years ago. There are smiles and welcomes as I walk in reminiscent of Norm walking into Cheers. “NORM!” There is a line so I peruse the shelves looking at the clearance and accessories. It is at this point I meet the Coffee Master!

CM: “How can I help you today? You seem to be lost…I can help…See, as she points to the title on her apron, I am a Coffee Master.”
Me: “I would like to have this ground please?” as I hand her my pound of Espresso Beans.
CM: “OOO…A nice rich blend for your daily coffee!”
Me: “No…it is for my espresso maker…Could you please grind it using the notch right above Espresso Fine?”
CM: “Are you sure you’re not using this as regular coffee? The grounds need to be fine for espresso.”
Me: “Yes thank you…my espresso maker spits at me if the grind is to fine.”
CM: “Well if you insist! Then in an obnoxious-nose-in-the-air-tone…I have been a Starbucks drinker for 20 years and I was in LA with Starbucks…before this area even knew about espresso.”

The guys behind the counter cringed and eyes began to roll. “Make her stop” and “Not again!” could be read on the facial expressions.

Me: “That is a long time…I started drinking Starbucks and loved it from the first sip about 26 years ago in Seattle.”

A snicker came from the cashier.

CM: “Did you know that you can sign up for the Starbucks reward program and earn free coffees?”
Me: I smiled and held up my free coffee card I received for my last 15 purchases. ( I have another card coming after one more purchase!) “I do in fact already have the gold card…thank you!”
CM: Don’t you love how economical the cost of the program is?”
Me: “I did not have to pay a thing…I was sent the original black card in the original pilot program and then it was grandfathered into the gold card program.”
Barrister: “I think there was a pilot program for the stockholders.”
CM: “Oh!”

I was given a nod from the barrister along with a twinkle and a smile. “Peach…You want your usual?”

Me: “No thanks”…and I began to give him my special…extra shot…free espresso order.
CM: “You realize that if you buy one more pound you get a coffee free.”
Me: “Yes thank you but, I wanted a Venti (large) and not a Tall (small).”
CM: “Well today you can get what ever size you would like with the purchase of two pounds.”

No twisting of any arms with that offer! Free Starbucks…count me in!

Me: “That’s wonderful!” as I grabbed another pound of beans…and gave my order to the almost rolling-on-the-floor-barrister.

The Coffee Master came to ring me up at the register and said…”I don’t think I have ever met someone who was more connected to Starbucks than I was.” I smiled and graciously said “I am just a coffee lover like you!” I went to pick up my Free Coffee and was met with an emotional high five…”Thank you for putting her in her place!” I felt kinda bad about that and it must have shown on my face. The barrister continued…”All day, everyday, it’s how connected she is and who she is in Starbucks.” I smiled and said…”I am a coffee lover and she is an employee…she is more connected!” I left having, in their eyes, Bettered the Coffee Master!

Life Lesson #5: There is someone who is always better than you are!

So…for a split second I was that person, in someone’s eyes, who was better at something than someone else. What a rarity! The funny thing was my youngest and his remark as we left…”I thought you knew everyone in this Starbucks!” I took this time to teach him about employee turnovers and even though I do know quite a few employees there will always be someone new.
Off to TKD with my Free Starbucks in hand.

Have you ever had someone who comes across as “All-That”? How did you respond to their attitude? I would love to hear your stories! Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: It’s A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

I am sure you have never experienced the disappointment and stress related with having children! Wait! You have kids so therefore you have experienced some stress in some form!. “Well I feel better…NOT!” You know those days where events and consistent routines are sucked back like the ocean from the shore before a tidal wave crashes and churns everything on top of you. Yep…me too! It’s A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day!

It is an eternal cascade of changing tides…I know I said I loved the beach but, not in my land-locked house. My poor body is tired of treading water as I try to avoid the debris. It is worse than Murphy’s Law!. The sibling relationships are strained and in constant upheaval. “This is worse than being trapped in a small confined area with a bunch of women with PMS.“. [Menstral or menopausal…Take your pick!]

I think Alexander had the right idea!


If we all move to Australia everything will be okay…Right? I know…there would be overcrowding and our families would find us. To bad…I have heard there are great beaches in Australia. So the only thing left to do is suck-it-up-and-stop-being-a-cry-baby! Tensions will relax and fade…eventually! Until then I will do my best to keep my mouth closed and not bite off any more heads. Thank you for letting me spew this vent lent your way. I hope you never go through this…but if you do…I promise to make you laugh and release a little tension. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Patriotic Goose Bumps!

My family recently viewed the alien invasion movie called Battleship. I knew, going into this movie, I would be bored. “I am not a fan of alien based movies!” The special effects for the aliens is too fantasy filled for me and the cookie-cutter-alien-invasion-as-mere-humans-fight-for-to-save-planet-earth is well…overdone. I yawned through the first almost 3/4’s of the movie. But then the movie took a turn and I knew exactly where it was going.

With all possibilities gone…the only course of action is to use a retired Battleship. But it only gets better from this point. Upon the majestic deck of this floating museum the crew begins to contemplate their actions…but way off in the distance I see the twist. My heart began to jump and beat wildly as a increasing tingle swept over my body. Patriotic Goose Bumps!
The appearance of the recently honored veterans gave this movie the heart-tugging twist it needed. “Well, for me it did!” The spirit in which these men returned to the call of duty may have been staged for the movie…but, I see them differently. Pride and desire course through them everyday. The body may be wrinkled but their hearts beat strongly with love and duty. “I will not go any further with my movie description. You will need to see it for yourself!”

I will probably view this movie over and over…”The boys loved it!”…and I will try and watch the part of the movie I missed while yawning. [Note to self: Make sure it is not past my bedtime when I start watching it…the next time!]

I love, honor and respect the military veterans. They are a special group of men and women who deserve more than my straight-from-the-heart-Patriotic Goose Bump-thank-you!
If you meet a veteran…tell them how much you appreciate all they did. It will mean a lot! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It’s Just Another Day!

That ticking clock stops for no man…
The news dishes out the headlines filled with sadness and strife.
Facebook notifications continue as those we know keep us up to date on the trips to the doctor and to the beach.
The weather brings in dark cloud cover and refreshes the browning grass and wilting plants.
Yep! It’s Just Another Day!

I guess I should be happy…
It is Friday and the weekend cometh.
There is only a week and a half until school starts back.
I am still receiving Facebook notifications.
Because of the rain I will not have to water the plants by going back and forth from the sink to the deck.

It is really all about how we look at things. Perception! It is not just another day…It is another day we are breathing and functioning. It is a day we have our family and friends around us. So enjoy yours and I will enjoy mine! Make it wonderful for those around you and it will be wonderful for you!

Have a great day!

Peach State