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Peach State says: “And Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait For School To Start Again!”

My Facebook has been taken over with beach themed pictures and children clad in the glistening-sunscreen-and-sand-armor. The pails pictured in solitary state, as if posing for it’s close up, waits with it’s brightly colored accomplices…you know the shovel and rake…the occasional flip-flops. I know there are many more scenes of summer to come in the next 40-45 days.


We spend many hours planning a vacation getaway and then big $$$ is “shelled” out (excuse the pun!) just so that dreadful phrase will not be spoken. “I’m Bored!”

[insert the background music from the movie Psycho or Jaws…]

Sadly the song running through the heads of most moms and dads is a Christmas song…It is a well known and loved song…“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” It is not because the temperatures are unbearably high and no relief can be found…it has been relatively mild here!
It is because of the infamous line in the song…“And Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait For School To Start Again!”

With school ending in May, those of us in this neck of the woods of Georgia, have already escaped for their Summer destinations. Some of my friends…you know who you are…are presently enjoying the Oceanside breezes mixed with that memory making salty spray. I may get the chance in July…(Crossing my fingers as I close my eyes tight!)…to visit my beach house. Our main destination is different this year as we will head north into the mountains.

No white sandy beaches…lots of trees.
No waves crashing…unless you count the waves made at the end of an amusement park ride.
No salty-wind-blown hair styles…wind blown hair styles after riding a new roller coaster.

You may think I am a little premature in my writing of this end-of-summer topic but, a sweet-spunky-spirit mentioned it during our chat time this morning. All I did was ask her what her schedule was like today…she ended her reply with wanting her children to go back to school! “She is the mother of three and the oldest is going into 5th grade.” I will probably feel the same way when I get back from my family vacation. “Let the countdown commence!” When we get home there will be about 20 days left before the meeting of teachers begins and the back to school shopping craze infiltrates every moment of the day…and then some. [The first day of school is August 1st 2012]

No, no, no, no, no! I am not looking forward to school yet! I am enjoying the solitude of my coffee time. No interruptions of panic-driven hustle-and-bustle looking for paperwork and shoes but, give me another 2-3 weeks and ask me again. I am a woman and we were created to change our minds quickly. My son has been enrolled in TKD and it will carry through into the school year. I take him, in his ninja t-shirt, every day.

What? I will not hear him say those doom-filled words!

I have vacations pics coming my way and I will share…just in case you are in the same boat I have been in for the past several years. Then again…no one wants to be reminded of places they cannot go. It does get easier as the kids get older. “I can leave the house and disappear and they can fin-4.” (fin for yourself) I do take the youngest with me now that the older boys are working.

What will your summer hold? Have you made plans or are you already contemplating the return to school? Let me know! Have a great day!

Peach State


Peach State says: What’s Covered and What’s Not!


I have always wanted to spend the day in front of the computer screen and on the phone reading over the ins and outs of our new insurance plan. “Who am I kidding?” No one, in their right, would want to spend their day investigating the pages of health insurance limitations. Alas, I have no choice! Today I will seek out the ever-sought-out answers to the doom filled question…What’s Covered and What’s Not?

This is a new insurance plan and we are fortunate to have it. My family had recently not been able to afford health insurance but several situations, with my hubby’s co-workers, brought concerns to the surface. “Two heart attacks and one stroke among the staff within a short period of time is enough to scare anyone!”

I will be looking into several things, coverage wise, for myself and my youngest.
Mainly Glasses for me…
Braces for my 11 year old…

I have not gotten my eyes check in almost 4 years…hmmm…that could explain a few headaches as well as blurry and sometimes double vision. (insert chuckle here!) I know, I know! The good news is the fact that I have not had resort to the wearing of two pairs of glasses, set overlapping, upon my somewhat cute nose. “Please do not ask if I have ever seen this before!” I have noticed my vision somewhat blurred for a few months now…not badly…but noticeable. It can be a bit uncomfortable but I have managed. After all…I am mom! “That is the reason I can overcome most situations…moms just have an uncanny “MacGuyver-like, ability to solve problems thrown into our normal routine.”

With a little over a month before school starts back…I thought I would sit down with my dictionary and thesaurus and maneuver the intricate language of the dental policy. My 11year old needs braces and his present dental coverage will not allow for (Are you ready for this?) cosmetic procedures. Sooo…if the braces are covered…he will be scheduled and strapped into the chair. “He doesn’t want braces but does need them.”

It would be wonderful if I could get my glasses before our trip…then I could see things more clearly. It might be helpful in setting the navigation and reading signs…menus…price tags while shopping. “Wouldn’t you agree?” I will have to wait until I get back from running an errand with my 19 year old…he is picking up a company car today with his boss before heading to work. We also hooked him into going with us on our trip…if he doesn’t have a part-time job before we leave. His main job is installing tile and wood-floors along with minor renovations. He has been doing small home-improvement jobs for a few years now. “Train a child in the way they should go…” I know his up-bringing has a lot to do with this. The boys need to know how to do these types of jobs to be able to maintain their own homes.

I will drop of a package and the dry-cleaning and come home to begin the detail investigating chore.

I am sooo excited! I am sure you can understand my glee at the prospect of this research project. I have been trying on glasses to get an idea of the new frames I may want to get. Needless to say my hubby has not been thrilled with some of the suggestions I have made. The pink polka dots was a bit out-there. “I have to have some fun…”

I would love any input into translating the health insurance lingo and if I learn something I will pass it along as I uncover What’s Covered and What’s Not! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Second Cup of Coffee!

Coffee drinkers unite! Coffee is just like Lays Potato Chips…You can never drink just one! Waking up, taking a few moments to yourself, spending time with friends, and/or still not awake are all quality reasons for that second cup of coffee. Mmm…My Second Cup of Coffee!

I sit here, this quiet Saturday morning, and steadily sip on my oversized 20oz cup filled with, yes…you guessed it, espresso! A steaming rich collection of vanilla and the tiniest bit of non-fat milk mixed with bold espresso. I know what you may be thinking…”How many shots of espresso does she drink?” I confess I nap, sometimes, and sleep fairly well at night. I was born this way…to drink coffee that is. Coffee is in my blood! “That is a good blog title!”


During the summer months, or at least the days there is no school, I enjoy sitting with my hubby in his office. I fix his coffee and breakfast and wake his royal highness out of his sweet slumber. We converge on the office for our mutual wake up session. A little light conversation and laughter together to start the day. All the while with our coffee, the ever vigilant companion. This morning we watched three Rascal Flatts videos instead of the news. “What a wonderful change!”


It is a well know fact…at least in my extended family…that major topics of conversation and questions regarding schedules and money are not brought up until the Second Cup! We take our time and enjoy the small things in life…quietly! “Sorry…for a moment I thought I was on Fantasy Island!” The word “quietly” is a real stinker.

Hubby leaves for his day at work and I settle back and give thought to my day. There are a few things on the agenda for today but nothing major. The boys, the 21 and 19 year olds, will have their jobs and I will be here with the 11 year old. “He seems content with his job…annoying and to question everything!” It is still and quiet in the house right now…except for the soothing snores from my Precious Princess. I am finished with this cup and will refill shortly…

I would like to finish my book today but will definitely require My Second Cup of Coffee! Maybe I will just stretch out for a few minutes before the Carousel of Life begins it’s daily up and down, spinning motion.

I hope you are able to relax today…and take a little time for you! Whether it is coffee or tea…enjoy your break! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: This Is My Happy Face!


Do you ever feel like you have the world on your shoulders? Do you ever wonder why your children do what they do? The proverbial slap in the face stings and radiates causing a ripple through many areas of your life. Mothers, tend to see things in a larger than life picture filled with what-ifs-and-scenario-pathways. With the recent disruption…my emotional roller coaster ride has tossed me around like a rag doll. This Is My Happy Face!

Just when you think things could not possibly get any worse….WHAM! I struggle to pick myself up and try to make sense of the situation. The hours and days of self-doubting as the tear ducts over produce salty waves of confusion. How in the world do this ever happen? A once clear forehead show signs of canyon like crevasses. This Is My Happy Face!

I apologize for being a drag today…but I needed to vent! Wish I could sit down and binge on some chocolate. “I don’t need the fat…the calories…or the sugars!” At least the word happy is somewhere through all of this…there is hope…right? A rough road lies ahead but together we will make it!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: My Beautiful Shiny Floors!


There are certain things I would much rather not spend my day doing. Our wood floors are one of those things. There is nothing simple to cleaning these aged-scratched-needing-to-be-replaced wood floors. I have been closing my eyes for the past week knowing what I would have to do.

The excuses piled up waiting to be used:
To busy.
Raining today.
Vacation Bible School.
I should have started earlier.
I need to fix dinner in 3 hours.
I don’t think I have the right stuff to clean with.
Kids are home.
Kids are not home.
I will wait until the princess gets her grooming done.

I could not stand looking at these floors one more day…so with my coffee in one hand and Excedrin Migraine in the other… I preceded to prepare for the arduous battle that lay before me. “The reason I took the migraine medication was preemptive…and the pain never hit full-force!”

First things first, I removed all the carpets and furniture off the floor making sure to leave a pathway through the house. “I must say that the two sons, that were home, complained of the mess and enjoyed watching TV!” At least the youngest was still!

After the floor was clear I began the initial sweeping and swiffering, otherwise know as a dust mop, I then began the first mopping session. Once a section was dry I began the final wiping down and mopped again. “We don’t need the special little surprises of dog hair and left over remnants of boys waxed into the floor!” After the second cleaning and mopping was completed and dried it was time for the waxing.

The evidence of a family running in and out of the revolving door was erased spit-spot and I was finally looking at a sad-wood-floor-in-need-of-a-shiny-glow. Starting with the foyer I quickly applied the wax making my way through the kitchen. I allowed the foyer to dry and applied the second coat. “The floors were so happy and sucked the first coat of wax in like a child devouring a snow-cone on a hot day.” Once the first coat was dry I began the second coat. My 19 year old decided, at that time, to make his presence known and tried to cross from the stairs to the dinning room. He leapt across the foyer and his foot landed short of the carpet…sliding in the wet wax about 12 inches. “Mom…you missed a spot!…bye!” He was out the door before I could turn around and see the long mark and the smear in the hallway to the garage door.

With racing determination I quickly reapplied the wax to those smudged areas and continued where I left off. Finally I headed to my chair and put my feet up. It had to dry!

The final results:


The good news is I will not have to do this until after school starts back. “Trust me…I will not have to do this for another two months!” It was and is very satisfying to walk through the house and see the shine reflecting the different lights. The next big project is the refrigerator…but I have two weeks! Why two weeks? I need to clean it out before we leave for our vacation otherwise the boys will have no room for the junk food they buy. I am off to do a few other chores and some more vacation planning.

My To-Do List for the day:
Change the sheets.
Sweep and mop bathroom.
Put out new…really, we bought them yesterday…towels and bathroom rugs.
Mail Father’s Day gift.
Put gas in the car.
Pick up dry cleaning.
Plan dinner and cook!
Wash a load of clothes…yep, one load! (That’s all I have to wash…unless I make a load of towels from my bathroom and the boys bathroom.)
Maybe shop for another pair of capris!
Vacation planning…making a list a places to visit and shop!

What have you got planned for the day? I hope you are able to get everything done and take pride in your accomplishments. I will continue with my day…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Coffee and Facebook Funnies

How are you doing today? Are you ready for a smile or side-splitting chuckle? I was too! Let’s dive right into Coffee and Facebook Funnies!

You may want to make a copy to keep handy for those in our life that are entering this phase of thier life!

I hate to tell him web sticks to clothes.

With Father’s Day on Sunday I thought I would start with a thoughtful gift idea.

At least I had an excuse to go into the store to buy other scents.

Internet usage is on the rise and so are the problems associated with Internet usage…


Aww…poor thing! …Stupid computer!

Bring on the Cats…well the animals!:


So does the cat!



Scary…but true!

Sweet friendship…with a class clown!

These will speak for themselves!




I am off to convince my husband that he is off today and to get off the work link on his computer…”Wish me luck!”

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Guess What I Found!

There we were…standing outside the hospital room awaiting the arrival of our friends little girl. She had the surgery and the doctor reported the procedure went well! It went so well that the doctor felt there was no need for her to be moved to the ICU but would be sent directly to her room. As my partner-in-crime, my mutual cat-lover friend, and I stood in the hall we began to notice the art work hanging on the walls. I just had to share our favorites…they were all cats!



Today I will be keeping in touch by texts and phone…fuzzy head with a disconcerting but familiar throbbing pain have intruded into my day! I will self medicate and stay off the roads. “Probably a good thing!”

The updates so far this morning are filled with new, unsolicited, problems. Vomiting and fever may be somewhat expected…but are being monitored by the medical staff. Lack of sleep for the family, at the hospital, tells me that visitors are welcome but….not while we are resting! Please continue to remember this sweet angel and her family!

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rain Kissed Morning!


My skin tingles in the cooled morning air
Standing alone in the dark.
The light gentle breeze does it’s share
Wiping the collected drop from it’s mark.

The rain paused as clouds pass over
The welcoming thirsty earth.
Refreshed are delicate blooms and clover
Enjoying a moistened drink and rebirth.

Normal chores and relaxing…not scheduled today
But time with dear friends.
A smile and laugh and loving hugs will say
All troubles God has hold and attends.

There may be drops of rain from their eyes
Wiped away by love.
Standing strong together our friendship binds
A love brought together from above.

The rain will likely return until dark
Graying the sky.
But this time with those held close to my heart
Are bonds no one can untie.

I wrote this today while preparing for a trip to the hospital for a follow-up surgery of my dear friend’s daughter. She is 6 years old and is having a bone implant grafted onto her skull. She had a surgery earlier this year to remove a growth and it went very well…I know this is routine but so is the anxiety of this procedure. Please remember her today. Her surgery is at 8:30 this morning…EST.

I am off to get ready to leave…Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Rain! What Do You Mean Rain?

There I was…walking along the warm sandy beach…the gentle cascading waves rolling across my feet and my ankles. What time is it? My alarm…NOOOO! I was dreaming! I woke up and came downstairs with my eyes half closed and walked into the kitchen for my coffee. Rain! What Do You Mean Rain!

Yep…can I go back to bed and back to my beachy dream?

Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: It is Time for Coffee and Vacation Planning!

Eyes open…check
Coffee in hand…check

It has been an exhausting week of schedule altering activity. I am able to sit down and actually put my feet up without finalizing any lesson plans or cutting out small, intricate pieces for artsy activities and games. My faithful companion and I have missed each other this past week…[No Food or Drinks, except water, are allowed in the building!] …and the small amount of quality time in the morning was just not enough. It Is Time For Coffee and Vacation Planning!

I have missed being able to finish my latte’ every morning…which may explain why I felt like I was dragging a bit. “I usually have a regular cup of coffee and my heavily dosed latte’ richly laced with over the top espresso shots.” [translation…I have enough Espresso in my latte’ for 3 individual drinks!] I love coffee and will not apologize for being able to sleep at night.

I have started drinking iced coffee, in the afternoons, now that the temperatures have begun their uphill climb. The Lazy Days of Summer have finally arrived and I will be more than content to sit on my porch swing…alright! It is a glider… and sip away the day while enjoying my favorite author. I love my sweet tea…but my rich and creamy delicacy, poured gently over soft crushed iced, just spoils me better. “Who doesn’t want to be spoiled!”

Now I will have more time to prepare for the trip of the decade! Well…it feels like it is for us! As you know, my family had a few financial setbacks over the past five years and now…things are better. My hubby told me the business, he works for, will be closed on July 4th. The holiday falls on his normal day off…which means he has another day either before or after. [insert roaring cheers and fireworks!] So I suggested…”With your normal days off of Sunday and Wednesday (July 4th) can you get that Tuesday the 3rd as your day off and ask for a vacation day for that Monday?”. My hubby seemed a bit surprised…so I clarified! “You could have Sunday through Wednesday off and only be asking for one day of vacation!” My hubby acted as if I had just cured cancer! Long story short…He asked and his boss agreed! [Instant Vacation!]

My hubby quickly called and gave me the good news and then delegated the selection of destination and accommodations. I will not bore you with the pain staking methods of selection criteria. The virtual dry-erase boards with endless possibilities starred and crossed through seemed endless. The good news is that I decided on the Smoky Mountains! I then proceeded to search for accommodations with a pampered resort feel. I had narrowed the list to two destinations when I received a travel guide in the mail. I flipped through this colorful and detailed description of this beautiful mountain area and found a cheerful and rustic Resort. “Condos!” [Four Nights for the price of Three!] “Hmmm!” Let’s check out the pictures… The pictures were incredible! There was also a queen sleeper sofa for our 11 year old in another room which was a big plus.
Mountain view…check
Separate sleeping quarters…check
Home away from home…OOO Ahh!

I could not wait to show my hubby. He came home and settled comfortably into his chair. I showed him the other choices first saving the condos for last…once the picture of the balcony came up I had his full attention. Within 20 minutes the condo was reserved!

“I think I will make a countdown for the fridge…”

With my coffee companion close by my side I will begin the final preparations and packing. It Is Time For Coffee and Vacation Planning! This trip will be a first for our family…well…now that three of the four boys will not be going. They each work and my oldest does not live at home. My sons that still live at home will be guarding the homestead and taking care of my “Precious Princess”. “My hubby and I have already begun the subliminal programming, of their minds, suggesting no parties or gatherings.”

The dryer has just beeped telling me…FOLD CLOTHES! I will refill my coffee and do as I am commanded…and then begin making my list. “I cannot wait!” I hope you can find time to enjoy the day and it’s simpler pace! I am definitely up for that challenge! Until next time…Have a great day!

Peach State