Peach State says: What’s Covered and What’s Not!


I have always wanted to spend the day in front of the computer screen and on the phone reading over the ins and outs of our new insurance plan. “Who am I kidding?” No one, in their right, would want to spend their day investigating the pages of health insurance limitations. Alas, I have no choice! Today I will seek out the ever-sought-out answers to the doom filled question…What’s Covered and What’s Not?

This is a new insurance plan and we are fortunate to have it. My family had recently not been able to afford health insurance but several situations, with my hubby’s co-workers, brought concerns to the surface. “Two heart attacks and one stroke among the staff within a short period of time is enough to scare anyone!”

I will be looking into several things, coverage wise, for myself and my youngest.
Mainly Glasses for me…
Braces for my 11 year old…

I have not gotten my eyes check in almost 4 years…hmmm…that could explain a few headaches as well as blurry and sometimes double vision. (insert chuckle here!) I know, I know! The good news is the fact that I have not had resort to the wearing of two pairs of glasses, set overlapping, upon my somewhat cute nose. “Please do not ask if I have ever seen this before!” I have noticed my vision somewhat blurred for a few months now…not badly…but noticeable. It can be a bit uncomfortable but I have managed. After all…I am mom! “That is the reason I can overcome most situations…moms just have an uncanny “MacGuyver-like, ability to solve problems thrown into our normal routine.”

With a little over a month before school starts back…I thought I would sit down with my dictionary and thesaurus and maneuver the intricate language of the dental policy. My 11year old needs braces and his present dental coverage will not allow for (Are you ready for this?) cosmetic procedures. Sooo…if the braces are covered…he will be scheduled and strapped into the chair. “He doesn’t want braces but does need them.”

It would be wonderful if I could get my glasses before our trip…then I could see things more clearly. It might be helpful in setting the navigation and reading signs…menus…price tags while shopping. “Wouldn’t you agree?” I will have to wait until I get back from running an errand with my 19 year old…he is picking up a company car today with his boss before heading to work. We also hooked him into going with us on our trip…if he doesn’t have a part-time job before we leave. His main job is installing tile and wood-floors along with minor renovations. He has been doing small home-improvement jobs for a few years now. “Train a child in the way they should go…” I know his up-bringing has a lot to do with this. The boys need to know how to do these types of jobs to be able to maintain their own homes.

I will drop of a package and the dry-cleaning and come home to begin the detail investigating chore.

I am sooo excited! I am sure you can understand my glee at the prospect of this research project. I have been trying on glasses to get an idea of the new frames I may want to get. Needless to say my hubby has not been thrilled with some of the suggestions I have made. The pink polka dots was a bit out-there. “I have to have some fun…”

I would love any input into translating the health insurance lingo and if I learn something I will pass it along as I uncover What’s Covered and What’s Not! Have a great day!

Peach State

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  1. My input for you translating the health insurance lingo is: GOOD LUCK! I let my husband deal with that because it’s too complicated for me! Glad I could be of some assistance to you!

  2. Thanks for offering that wonderful advice. It was easier than I thought taking only two phone calls and multiple prompts to become a button-pusher. Glasses and braces are NOT covered. Bummer! Back to the drawing board. The good news is that there is a discount available for our insurance provider at a local chain store. I know they have coupons and great promotions…I wonder if they will combine the discounts!
    Peach State

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