Peach State says: It Is The Last Day of Vacation Bible School!


This is not our banner but at least you have an idea of what our theme was. It has been a busy week filled with excited children and lots of bustling activities. My day has started pretty much the same way…up before light, coffee, time with hubby before he gets ready to leave, and then I begin my race-around-the-house-looking-like-the-comic-book-hero-Flash Gordon! No major accidents…I emphasize MAJOR…to speak of this week. But It Is The Last Day of Vacation Bible School!

I have to remember to get some pics to share…which means I need to leave a little earlier today. I just want to say this has been one of the best VBS’s I have ever been associated with. My group of kids were wonderful and full of spirit and spunk. “A bit more than needed at times…but what can you expect from an active group of fourth graders.” My class was the largest averaging about 28 daily. I had a majority of girls…but my mischevious, wink, wink, group of boys made my week. I must say I will miss seeing their smiling faces and sneaky expressions everyday.

My “social butterfly spirit” has enjoyed seeing friends each day. We will still see each other…just not every morning. “What a way to start out the day…coffee and time with great friends!”. I need to close now but will return later today with an update. I need to get ready for my trek to church and prepare for this rambunctious and loving group.

Thanks for understanding my temporary absence and know that things will return to normal…besides…I can’t wait to tell you about our upcoming Family Vacation!
Until later…Have a great day!

Peach State


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  1. Happy to hear there were no “major” accidents, and that you are able to finish the week! I’ll bet your class is a lot of fun, and I know the children are blessed to have you for a teacher!

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