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Peach State says: It’s Finally Here!

The packing of the family car…”Boy does that hold memories.” There were 6 of us and we were taught the “Art of Packing” for that extended beach vacation. We packed linens and groceries…clothes and grill…we were not packing for a vacation but moving. Those were the good old days before there was a chain grocery store and a grill that stayed at our home away from home. Those methods of placing and stacking have come in handy before and will come in handy today. It’s Finally Here!.

There are only a couple of things on my list of things to do today…

Pack mine and hubby’s clothes and toiletries
Buy a case of bottled water
Oh and Pack the car!

I am fortunate to have two strong backs today for this important task…I think I zigged when I should have zagged last night.

#Pack the pain meds

I packed a few grocery items…pop tarts, popcorn, instant oatmeal, snack cakes and paper plates, paper bowls, plastic spoons and forks…”You expect me to wash dishes or run a dishwasher while I am on vacation!” I also packed some laundry detergent and softener sheets…yeah I know! You can quit laughing! I will wash a load or two so we will not have to take as many clothes.

#Pack some garbage bags for the paper products and snack wrappers…

Wow…it is a little after 8 AM and in less than 9 hours we will be on the road. “No! It is not going to take that long to pack…my hubby had to work today but is getting off a little early.” I will use my time wisely today and rest this wicked twinge in my get-along. [Translation: Pain in my lower hip.] Don’t forget to tell me about your vacation with family and friends… And don’t forget to check out my pics! This time tomorrow I will be waking up in the mountains over looking a river. It’s Finally Here…and I can hardly wait! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Mr. Sandman Plays Whack-A-Mole

Finally in bed and as I close my eyes the events of the day parade through my mind. The techno color floats, the bands, the vicious and in-your-face clowns all reminding me of the ever changing landscape I call my family. Where are you Mr. Sandman? I only ask for a small release from the hectic day…he answers (insert sneaky giggle) “Not tonight!” Mr. Sandman Plays Whack-A-Mole!

Over and over, events raced through my sleep. They popped in and out as I fully relived each trying episode. “What happened to the calm, relaxing pace of dreaming?” I toss and turn hoping to sink into a peaceful slumber…Whack! Whack! I can’t even close my eyes without cleaning or resolving issues that bubble out of the molten center of the earth.

The alarm sounds and I rise to fulfill the duties of the morning. I anticipate the first sensations of my warming companion. Needless to say…I’m Sleepy! At least I feel like the drowsy little dwarf who could not keep his eyes open.

I reach for my Heavenly Brew, in dazed fashion, fighting the urge to close these sleep filled eyes. I have toooo much to do today!

To-Do List:
Wash the last load of clothes
Pack the clothes
Pack the few groceries for trip
Can the pickles
Take care of 2 issues for one of my sons
Create something from nothing….translation: cook dinner!

But…the good news is I do have a few…just a few!…minutes before my day really begins it’s frantic hustle and bustle. “Can you say Power Nap?” Please do not judge me in my time of weakness! You know me and how I thrive in the “revolving door lifestyle” of being a mom.
I know I am not alone in this dreadful scenario…How do you cope with the lack of sleep? How do you muster the energy needed to face the fun-filled, activity-packed day after being Whacked all night? “Don’t worry…if I find the answer you will be the first to know!” Have a (YAWN!) great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: The Final Countdown!


And here we are at the edge of insanity. The tropical-storm has left mounds of unfolded laundry on the dinning room table as drapes of clean, un-hung shirts decorate the elegant high backed chairs. An oversized bag, strategically placed to catch the non-packed items, waits to be evacuated in the last moments. Check marks line the itemized page showing the dedicated and non-stop vigilance followed in this, The Final Countdown!

One moment of ceasing, as the cascading hot water splashes against the dinner dishes and breakfast bowls….Shh! That still small voice rises above the swirling clicks.


Relaxing relief floods in allowing for a lull in the chaotic hustle. The schedule is tricky with overlapping demands upon my remaining time. I can do this…I will do this…after all…“I’m Mom!”

The warning bell sounds drawing me back to the task at hand. Back to work and the realization of reality…2 days!


Okay…so the description was a little over the top…but it sure was more fun to describe it this way than to admit my house is a bit of a mess. At least it will be over soon and I will be on my way to enjoy the seasonably hot temperatures somewhere else. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Wed-Nes-Day Facebook Funnies

I have to admit that I am one of those who habitually spell Wednesday this way…every time. I hope you are ready for a giggle and whack of the old funny bone. It is time for some Wed-Nes-Day Facebook Funnies!

Let’s start with sipping of the Heavenly Brew:

This coffee drinker understands the science behind the habit.


I offered…but some people won’t take a helping hand.

Interesting concept of economics…we each do what we can!


This reminds me of someone…and she knows who she is! But they love those grand kids!

An edgy nutrition friends of mine sent this pic to me…it took a second to get over the shock!


Animal Funnies:

Sorry…I had to start with this one before the cat pics took over!

Just for my Star Wars Friends!

Must have been a Monday.

Yep…I have used this same expression this past week!

Drum roll……“Blog Worthy Award Winner”

Time for some ME time!

Does this mean I am Outstanding? I am always standing outside most of the time.

This person really spends to much time at the local MaDonald’s…great now I am hungry!

Yep…almost time for me to get and start moving…a lot to do today and the clock is ticking!

The last one is in honor of all those who are visiting amusement parks this Summer:

HeHe! And no…I don’t think any of my friends will be riding his ride.

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Wed-Nes-Day Facebook Funnies…I know it was fun for me! Have a great day and keep those funnies coming!

Peach State

Peach State says: Easy Cobbler…Easy Yum!


I was fixing dinner about two weeks ago when my dad called…the first thing he said was “Do you like cobbler?” I chuckled and said yes… “Do you make cobbler?” I told him it was never convenient to make and never turned out the way I wanted it to… He told me to grab a pencil and paper and you may want to do the same for an Easy Cobbler…Easy Yum!

“You Ready?”

1 stick of butter
1 cup of self-rising flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of milk
2 tablespoons of vanilla
About 4 cups of sweetened fruit

Prepare your fruit…slices or bite size, peaches or berries and sweeten
Take the butter and slice it in the bottom of a baking dish and place it in the oven on 350 degrees till sizzling. While the butter is in the oven mix the self-rising flour and sugar together then add the milk and stir well. (check the butter) When the butter begins to sizzle take it out of the oven. Add the vanilla to the sugar and flour mixture and pour over the butter…pour the fruit on top. Bake for 40 minutes.

This is absolutely the best and easiest Cobbler Recipe I have ever tried. I have used it four times now, with all the fresh fruit in season…peaches, blackberries, and raspberries. I combined the peaches and blackberries last night and my family loved it. “I wonder if this recipe could be placed in the freezer!” This cobbler is wonderful alone or with ice cream.

Well there you have it “Easy Cobbler…Easy Yum!” I hope you have the chance to try this recipe. I will be submitting this recipe to our new cookbook at church! Let me know what you think. Have a “Peachy” great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Like The Energizer Bunny!

I have received suggestions o’plenty for feeding our faces and recommendations to wear out the body, even the youngest spirit among us. The coordinates have been punched in as a “Favorite Destination” on the navigation device as well as a couple of “Points of Interest”. Single digits have been reached in our final countdown…and my list just keeps going and going and going Like The Energizer Bunny!

Last night the discussion of food items came up in things to pack. The main items were:

Breakfast food like cereal and pop tarts maybe some instant oatmeal
Bottles of water
Our coffee!

I was pleased to announce the already purchased products from Starbucks that you add to water…Instant Starbucks! My son, who is being left behind due to his work schedule, said “Why don’t you take the espresso machine?” I looked at my hubby as the sudden silence grew. Hubby grinned and said “We could…it is not a small hotel room but a condo…there will be room!”. I wanted to stand up and shout…

“But this is our vacation…I am wanting to escape the everyday schedules!”

But…if we did take that money saving appliance with us…that would buy a lunch or better yet Candles! “I think that is a great idea…we should take it so we could enjoy our morning latte’ as we sit on the balcony in the mountainous landscape.”

“It is a good thing our 19 year old son is going with us…we are going to need his youthful endurance to unpack the car.”

The maps, of the destination area, have been studied and will be neatly tucked into my companion bag just in case the conversation needs a boost. Coupons and discounts have been collected for the possible Points of Interest and will be placed along side the tourist information. “I should consider taking a position with AAA Travel with the degree of organization that has gone into this trip!” It is not the same as going to the beach house…up, coffee, beach, lunch, beach, dinner, sleep and repeat…

I have even pulled up the weather forecast and added the destination city to my weather app. Either I am very excited and a very prepared mom or I am very____…”No need to go there!” Unfortunately there is a chance of Thunderstorms most of the trip…but that just means more shopping! Right? I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and will get my nails done on Friday…after everything is packed. I am really excited…”Can you tell?”

I was relived to find out that I was not the only person, involved in the music program, that would be gone on the first Sunday…As a matter of fact all but one will be unable to be there for one reason or another. I guess it is a good thing we switched with week two’s praise team. I was a bit bummed about missing the Patriotic music but that too has been moved to the second Sunday.

I need to start on my youngest clothes for the trip…that should take me the rest of the morning. At least his closet will be cleaned out in the process.

Have you ever gone to this extreme for a vacation? Do you have any suggestions about the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area? Let me know! I just hope i can last…Like The Energizer Bunny! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: I Know Where You’ve Been This Summer!

You know it is summer when the beach pics begin to crash the Facebook status updates. The constant series of waves, filled with smiling faces and scenic beauty, ebb and flow filling those landlocked at work with a swelling desire to escape. We see the packed cars racing to different warm sandy regions…fashion hats and sunglasses worn by all…as sunrises and sunsets flood the screen. The vast comments and likes attached to each postcard pic give the readers the title of “pen-pal”! Thank you for including me in your adventures and for sharing the fun and beauty those with you experienced…I Know Where You’ve BeenThis Summer!

Here are some of the Vacation Pictures from my Facebook Friends!







And what would a vacation be without cups in the car…Hmmm? Someone found the Starbucks! I would recognize those cups anywhere…


I can’t wait to put my own pics on Facebook. My pics will not have white sands and seagulls. There will be no cute family of dolphins swimming in the mountains. I am so excited and the countdown for today is 7! Seven days until we leave…”Sorry, I was doing the dance of joy!” Now that I Know Where You’ve Been This Summer you will have to endure looking at my pics while you sit behind your desk at work. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: But I Don’t Really Like Lemonade! Part One


Ever have one of those days…I know!…stupid question. We all have those days where everything just goes downhill…faster than a speeding bullet! I just wanted your average run to the mill day but Life was not going to let me. When life gives you lemons…make lemonade! But I Don’t Really Like Lemonade!

Here is just a peek at my day yesterday. It started out normal…if you don’t count the waking up early due to a nagging-all-night-will-not-go-away-cough from a Summer Cold. Only one of my sons had to work yesterday and he began to get ready about 10:30am. My youngest has been bitten by the sleep bug and does not rise from his dream-filled-peaceful-sleep until 11:00 am the past few mornings. [back to the story] So the day was running it’s set course of varied departures and schedules. “The world is as it should be…for this home!”

My youngest missed breakfast and ate the cereal bar that replaced his bowl of cereal in the table. I sent him outside to play and he just sat on the steps. I told him to come in when he was hungry. “Who knew he had never heard that and did not understand that meant in about 45 minutes to and hour!” He just sat there looking like he was the last human in existence. The proverbial lemons were starting to fall from the sky. He walked in, with his shoulders raised almost equal to his ears, and ate something all the while looking as if he was trying to balance the world n his back. I decided to keep him home from TKD with that non-to-favorable attitude. His temperament spirals out of control all day. The day was turning to evening as I looked at the clock and saw it was 5:45 pm.

My 19 year old son plays softball on a church league and prepared to leave. Within 40 minutes of his departure I got a phone call from my working son…”Mom have you seen my brother?…he will not answer his phone!” I told him about the ball game and asked, in true loving mother style, if he was on his way home from work. “No! My brakes gave out and I am sitting in the auto-parts store parking lot.” I convinced him that I could help and I would bring the tools he needed. “Remember…these are the two sons that replaced the brakes n this truck before!” I gathered the jack and the tire-iron along with the attachments in a slender tool box and placed them in the car. Off I went, mom to the rescue. I drove down the road, just under the radar, and reached my destination in no time. The tire was removed and upon closer observation it was not the brakes…it was the lack of a bolt. “Of course the bolt holds the brake pad against the shiny disk…”. I don’t know the name of that part…I am just a mom! My 19 year old showed up and told us about the home run he hit before he left…and tensions rose…”This is not about a game but my truck!” bellowed from my 21 year old. Long story short…the store did not have the bolt and the boys have just left to run to the local Ford Store to get the part and try and fix the brakes before my 21 year old needs to go to work.

The 21 year old had taken a watch cleaner, a large bulky machine, to be repaired and it was brought home last night. Yep! It works so now those three watches can be fixed and returned to the customers. They went to clean one of the watches last night, after I had gone to bed and were given a shock when the machine decided to spark as they turned it on. If I had know this I would probably dream about fires all night instead of coughing all night.

I know you probably are laughing at the insignificance of my lemon-filled day but these inconveniences all occurred while the unsatisfactory-behavior continued spewing from my 11 year old as well as just not feeling like myself. I have taken something for the cold this morning and the effects are kicking in. I can hardly keep my eyes open…as soon as I hear something about the brakes I will let you know.

I guess I will drink the proverbial lemonade and be glad it is not mud, I will sit back and close my eyes until the youngest comes down for breakfast and/or the boys need my help. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Bored? Dinner Time Experimentation

There is nothing wrong with a little experimentation in cooking…it leads to great recipes and opens the floods gates to creativity. A little bit of this and a dash of that, stir in a pinch or two of these spices and “BAM!” a new recipe is formed. The above pictured item is one of my new favorite items for my kitchen. It is a Manual Food Processor from Pampered Chef! No plugs and incredibly easy to use…even my boys use it. One evening I was planning dinner and wanted something different. My youngest was just sitting there watching a movie…so I, being the mom I am, said Bored? Dinner Time Experimentation!. He perked up when he hear experimentation. “Don’t all boys?”

We headed to the kitchen and I began pulling things out onto the counter…including my Manual Food Processor. I will now give you the recipe for a great side-dish.

Layered Broccoli and Potato Quiche’
2 Cups of broccoli florets
1/2 of large onion
3-4 eggs (I used 3) mixed with a touch of milk
1 cup of grated cheese
6 slices of cooked bacon ( I used a lower sodium bacon)
5 diced potatoes

I started the preparation by dicing 5 potatoes and cooking the bacon. I then began cutting the broccoli into smaller pieces to place in the Manual Food Processor with the onion. (the onion should be in about 4-5 pieces) and chop until desired blending is acquired.

I let my youngest do this while I combined the eggs and dash of milk.

I grated the cheese (sharp cheddar was the choice of the night) and placed it into a bowl with the broccoli and onion and eggs and mixed together.

I placed the potatoes in the greased 9×9 baking dish and crumbled the cooled bacon on top.

I added a touch more milk to the broccoli mixture and poured it over the bacon and potatoes.

“My son was so excited about the next part…he took the picture while I made sure liquid was getting to the potatoes.”


I placed it into the microwave and cooked it for about 12 minutes…or until the potatoes were done. I grated a little more cheese on top for color and served with Chicken. It was a hit! “I think I will use this recipe in our church’s cookbook.”

I have made my fresh Spaghetti Sauce and some Salsa with this marvelous kitchen wonder along with chopping some ice cream toppings. My boys love using it for the ice cream toppings! We had fun and my youngest has been asking to use it again…”I think we will experiment some today!”
I hope you like this recipe…and please share some of your favorites with me! It is summer and well…even parents get tired of the same old thing. Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Happy Facebook Funnies Day!

Good morning my friendly funny-bones! I have a few of my friends Facebook status updates…the ones that made me chuckle out loud. Are you ready to have a Happy Facebook Funnies Day!

Some are a bit edgy and off the cuff humor…let’s start with these!

Like I said…edgy!


The not-so questionable humor: Lifestyle and Aging!

I used to practice my vibrato while singing into the fan!

Here kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty,kitty….oh and anyone else who may want to eat.

The Big-man says it and it s so!


Reality TV proves to have a positive influence!


She must not taste the food as she cooks…that’s always even my problem.


We know there are certain concepts in what we wear…well…you decide for yourself!



Unless you are a Red-neck!

I am glad someone finally heard my advice and is educating others!

I will close with a couple of the cute leftovers not able to fit in the previous categories:

My parents called this sleeping!

Well not yet…but soon!

Hoping something tickled your funny-bone today! Share your favorites and let me know. Everyone needs to laugh! Have a great day!

Peach State