Peach State says: Coolness of the Morning Air!

The morning wakes with fewer sounds today
As the birds huddle close in their nests.
The grass sparkles with dew on each blade
Reflecting the Moon’s farewell glow at it’s best.

My uncovered toes chilled and exposed
Against the cold bricks off the steps.
A dog travels past with runner in tow
As down to my dog’s collar I leapt.

Back inside…no time for socks
I head to my heavenly brew!
Warming my hands as the clock tick tocks,
My routine quickly resumes.

All chaos today is orderly and neat,
Everyone moves in quickened pace.
Doors open and close as time they beat,
Beginning their individual race.

A new cup in my hand filled with espresso
My toes covered up in my chair.
Attempting to warm my feet and my toes,
Safe from the Coolness of the Morning Air!

Have a great day!

Peach State


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  1. Good morning to you as well! Enjoy your day!

  2. I love your poetry, but I can’t understand how you can write first thing in the morning! I guess it’s because I now drink only half-caff, after years of not drinking coffee, that I need not only my half-caff coffee, but a certain amount of TIME to begin functioning in the morning! Actually, that is odd because until just a few years ago, I always hit the floor running. Maybe it’s because the morning routine changed…again, and again, and again…

    I am glad that I finally got to read your blog. It has been a busy morning. Little Man is sitting across from me, eating his lunch. He brought his appitite with him today! Gotta pick up the teen granddaughter from school early, and take her to the doctor today. The four-year old on steroids is getting her blood drawn today…Thankfully, I will be at the doctor with her sister instead! Bless her heart…I will most likely see her later on.

    So, any day with the grandkids is a great day! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • A grandmother’s job is never done! I hope all goes well today!
      As for writing poetry in the early morning…I just do…of course the fact that I speak in like that makes me sound like a cat in the hat. That could explain a few other problems with my eccentric behavior. Hehe!

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