Peach State says: Let the Cravings Begin!

Yesterday was a successful day of firsts…today…OUCH! I am hurting in places I didn’t know I could hurt. Of course…this may not be the result of the exercise class alone, but the stepping in and out of chairs as I twisted and reached for bulletin board displays and “ABC’s” throughout my friend’s classroom.

“Drinking my latte’ is a true act of love as I stretch and feel the burn with each lifting of the cup.”

Today is my husband’s first complete day without smoking! He typically smoked about 2 packs a day and yesterday he only had 10! He is resolved to quit for health reasons…and to support a co-worker who has been ordered to quit by his doctor. My husband often resembled a puffing chimney, during the coldest of winter days, as it sends a constant graying haze into the air.” The snacks, that I sent with him yesterday, are still in the fridge at work. I did not have to cut or chop today. He has a jar of oversized Lifesaver Mints on his desk, which will be gone before the day is over, to aid in the cravings. He does not want any chocolate or nuts! “Remember…we’re dieting!” One of my sons told him to wear a rubber-band and pop it against the wrist when he wanted to smoke…Electro-shock would work too…Want a smoke? ZAP! “I know the wires wouldn’t reach that far…but what about a set of jumper-cables?”
I am just kidding!
The ability to remain calm is not the easiest thing to do when quitting. I had been through this before and knew brief “solar flare” reactions would replace the simple talking-to lectures. Our youngest did not listen or heed the warning!
My husband needed to suck a cig down after our youngest set him
off early this morning! My husband asked our son why he tried to take extra food and why he stole something that belonged to his brother. He said…”I was starving!”
#1: he gets 4x the servings of cereal…and he had just finished eating breakfast!
#2: he has a snack at school after his lunch…
#3: he has gained weight but the doctor wants him to gain more due to his body’s ability to burn calories and the ADHD!
#4: he eats extra servings of fruits and vegetables with bread and starches on the side.

He eats more than I do for goodness sake!

The “Dieting Cravings” have begun too…
My husband said no bread…granted my bread items are low in everything but hearing this statement, all I wanted was a toasted bagel…With lots of cream cheese!
My husband said less Starbucks…”whoa!” I drink mine ultra skinny…my hubby drinks his venti vanilla breve’. This is a large espresso with half &half and vanilla syrup!
My husband said no baked items...”but..but..but!” Okay so I could stand to lose some but! (butt)

I just hope to get through the first week. Things will be easier…not easy…but easier after that!
Anyone have any good suggestions to surviving the cigarette and diet cravings?
Common sense tells me not to undertake these two things at the same time…to bad my husband does not use directions when assembling items or doesn’t ask for directions when lost!
I will keep you posted!

As for me…it is time for me to get ready to help my friend in her classroom again. A room full of 1st Graders is a wonderful and energetic distraction from cravings! So bring on the hunger…the shakes…the raised voices…”We are ready to face these challenges sooo…Let the Cravings Begin!

Have a great day!

Peach State


About justbetweencousins

We are first cousins who live farther apart from each other than we would like. We thought this blog would give us a chance to visit with each other as well as maybe share a few insights about life. We are both middle aged and until recently both of us had kids the same age (nearly grown). But then the Peach State cuz adopted a son, so she has four now. Heart of Dixie cuz has two daughters. We have a couple of things which are prominently in common (although I'm sure there are actually more): We vacation at our Mema's beach house in Panama City Beach, Florida - until recently, we did so with all of our kids. We both sing - although Heart of Dixie cuz is not currently singing anywhere right now. We both write. We are both Christians, although Peach State cuz is Baptist, and Heart of Dixie is currently floating about between the Anglican church, the Methodist church, and the Episcopalian church. Long story.

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  1. Here’s a suggestion…lots of PRAYER! LOL! When I quit snijubg, I began to crochet. I needed to keep my hands busy. It doesn’t have to be crocheting, just something to keep your hands busy, and work off some of that nervous energy you get from the withdrawals!

    Your youngest reminds me so much of my younger brother. I have a picture of him when he was around 11 or 12 years old. He is so skinny in that picture, you would think he was in crisis from starvation, yet he ate tons more food than all the rest of us put together! He was extremely hyper, but due to his heart condition he couldn’t be medicated for it.

    I don’t know that I would exclude bread entirely from my diet, especially since it is healthy bread. Whole grains are great when dieting, and they are filling.

    It’s great that you are working out…I have GOT TO START WORKING OUT!

    My husband announced last night that he was going to go out to buy his cigarettes this morning, so he would bring breakfast home with him. I ordered an egg McMuffin. I always take off the top of the muffin because it is too much bread for me. I thought to myself, I know it isn’t healthy, but I’ll make up for it somehow today. But then, when my husband returned from his trip this morning, he asked, “How much do you love me?” That sounded like a loaded question, but turns out he had also brought me a mocha frappe’! Not sure I’m going to be able to overcome today’s breakfast calories anytime soon!

    You and teacher friend have a good day…

    • Snijubg? Really? That must have happened from the page jumping around…it was right when I last looked at it…It should be “smoking!” For the record, I have never suijbged in my entire life! And if I did, I’m sure I wouldn’t inhale…just sayin’…

    • Thank you for the advice. Nice to know there are others liked youngest. Our teacher friend and I got some things accomplished but still have more to do. Hopefully I can work on it Thursday.
      Peach State

  2. Great blog, thanks for share this article with us

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