Peach State says: A Bit More Coffee Cup Mentality

We may find ourselves drawn to cups/mugs for many reasons: the decorative qualities…to remind us where we have been…or just a inexpensive souvenir. We end up with a cabinet full of “perky” personality in varied shapes and sizes. My friends often talk about their cups…so I set out to collect pictures via Facebook. Welcome to A Bit More Coffee Cup Mentality!

The pictures came from all over…and are as unique as each of the personalities of my friends!

Can you imagine the feeling of sitting at the beach drinking your morning coffee out of these?

Even though this is for Tazo…my friend says this style cup warms her hands in the morning while she sips her coffee!

A friend recently treated his family to a taste of Broadway…Les Miserables was in town!


They went to Les Mis and all I got were these pics! Hehe!

Several of my friends enjoy a cup of tea now and then…one has a special cup just for her tea time!


Last, but not least, is a cup representing something a little closer to home.

“Funny thing…this friend lives in Tennessee and was here on business.” She did not like the cups provided during the meeting…so she bought this cup in the Starbucks on the corner during their first break. She said it is one of her favorites!

I should really clean out my cabinet…”I must confess I do love my coffee cups!”
I know I have some more to share with you!

The next time you reach for a cup or mug pay attention. Do you scan the selection for a favorite or just grab one? If you pause and find the cup, perfect for that moment, you have a “Coffee Cup Mentality!” I shall end for now and finish my second cup of espresso.

Have a great day!

Peach State

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  1. Yes, I CAN imagine me sipping coffee on the beach from one of those coffee cups…you know, the ones that say, “Hawaii”!!!

  2. Enjoy the dream as long as you can…the real world awaits at the end of it…

  3. When I was a kid I always got my dad a coffee cup as that was all I could “afford”. When I got older and could get him other gifts he was sad the first year he didn’t get a coffee cup. For many years he would get his gift and a coffee cup that I would choose based on the “mentality” of what the last year was like. Thanks for bringing back this little memory. I might need to go get him a new cup as I haven’t done this in awhile.

  4. That first mug creeps me out a little. I don’t know why; it just does.

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