Peach State says: Facebook Funnies Time

20120425-064949.jpgI am still in the process of drinking my first cup this morning…I can relate! Welcome to another installment of “Facebook Funnies!” Due to circumstances beyond our control…this week has not been an active Facebook week.

Let’s stay in the wild kingdom, for a moment, if only to get an idea of what is really on their mind!

I think I could take that crocodile!

He doesn’t have to yell!

I really do not understand why cats pictures are always used. This week some friends decided to change their ways:


How could anyone (who values their life) say he isn’t the cutest thing!

Here come the cats!:

I could handle that treadmill!

Must have been a Friday…you know Fish Fridays!

Been there done that!


I guess with it being my Anniversary week everyone had the same idea!

This one reminded me of a couple of people, with glazed over expressions, trying to decide what to get when there is no Mr. Pibb in the machine at church! You know who you are!

In honor of the Star Wars friend…well you will see:


Here we have two of my favorites this week!

No this is not a picture of me…but the resemblance is uncanny!

Blog Worthy Award Winner:
We were saddened this past week by the passing of Dick Clark! He will be missed!

Interesting thought! Kinda makes you think….okay makes you smile at least!

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks “Facebook Funnies”!
Let me know which one was your favorite! Send me some of your “Facebook Funnies”! Have a great week!

Peach State


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  1. Yes, I did enjoy the funnys…as always! I will say that the first picture kind of scared me! As far as picture number eight goes, I’ve actually had worse driver’s license photos! At one time, my husband and I both had dorky looking pictures on our licenses…I mean ultra dorky. At least we looked like we belonged together…the dorky couple!

    Last week, I was saddened to hear of Dick Clark’s passing. Thanks for acknowledging it! It’s fun to remember him! Have a blessed Wednesday…see you tonight!

    • I believe they have a dorky template so that we all look this way. Maybe the personnel are given special classes to take this type of picture. Could explain the use of taxpayer dollars connected with this agency…because nothing has ever been done about the long wait times or the smiling faces behind the counter…oh wait…they did move the chairs and paint. Never mind…I forgot paint and moving chairs does cost millions(in government terms)! Wow…current event Funnies!
      Peach State

  2. Snap Dragon phase of my life 🙂

  3. LOL, Peach State. Yeah…no! I vote for keeping Wednesday’s “Facebook Funnies” separate from Friday’s “Current Events.” Really, you don’t want me on my soapbox twice a week, do you?

    • Well…sometimes speaking from the soap box is a daily requirement. But…since you would rather my not combine them I will bend to the suggestion. But just because it is you! See you tonight!
      Make sure you share the funnies with your friends!
      Peach State

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