Peach State says: The Sounds of My Morning!

Fortunately my ears woke up this morning. My “Sounds of Nature” had faded giving way to the sounds of light snoring coming from the other side of the bed and from my Precious Princess on her oversized pillow. I peeked over at the large numbers, lighting the side table with a blue glow, and squinted…”Crap!” I had forgot to push the always set alarm…and would have overslept. My body woke up right on time…well 2 minutes late…but who is counting? Thankfully I got up without the numbing and stirring tones of my shuffled song list that usually start “The Sounds of My Morning!”

I traveled the pre-set path to the front door as my body began it’s auto piloted routine. The sound of the front door opening followed by the Beep…Beep…Beep, of the door sensor, brake the silence. My precious princess came down with me this morning and needed to tend to her duties…”Out you go!” I step out onto the front porch and take in the waking morning. There is the sound of large trucks rumbling through the darkness as the birds begin to sing. A Rooster stirred from his sleep and gives his “Cockle doodle do” wake up call. I turned the handle with a squeak, as the frame of the heavy glass door opened, and let my precious princess back inside. I lock the front door and head off to the kitchen…open the treat jar with a gentle snap and wait for the clicking of nails against the wood floor to stop. “Good girl!” “The Sounds of My Morning!”

The refilling of the various machines begins…water flows in and out of my container as I refill the water kettle and espresso maker. The rattling sound of the Oatmeal packets as I set them in a bowl next to the water kettle. The microwave chimes…”Ahh! Coffee!” The refrigerator hums quietly as it cycles on…I turn to fill my youngest’s cereal bowl. The ping-pong sounds of Cap’n Crunch and Crunch-berries against the plastic bowl lessen as the bowl fills. I set it at his place on the table and take another sip of my coffee. The laundry room…I check the washer, with a click of the vacuum sealed door, and notice my 21 year olds blue jeans lying wet in the drum. “He will need these today!” I reach over to the dryer door and click…pressure released and door swings open…my 19 year olds clothes are all dry. I reach in and remove his clothes placing them on the dinning room table, presently known as his closet, in hopes he will take them to his room later. The jeans and a couple of shirts are put into the dryer as the buttons clank against the drum. I set the desired temperature with chimes and clicks as the tumbling and clicking begins.The house is filling with“The Sounds of My Morning”!

Checking the time…”I have plenty of time!” I go over to the recliner and sit with my coffee…the tags on my precious princess’ collar tinkle and clank as she shuffles over the wood floor behind me. She stretches and yawns…up in the other chair she jumps. She will be snoring soon! I follow my routine and read through various places…My Bible app, Facebook, Swagbucks, Blog stats….and play one card game! Releasing the latch from the difficult recliner…I am back in the kitchen for the swirling and swishing sound of the espresso maker. The boiling water in the kettle begins only to fade as I click the switch off. The stirring of the spoon against the bowl, grainy at first, as I mix the two packets of oatmeal. Up the squeaky stairs to the office door…a gently series of beeps as I punch in the code for the lock…and in I go. “Little hands loved seeking and finding things that did not belong to him in my husband’s office…thus the lock!” I retrace my steps back down the hall and turn on the light for my youngest. He greets the day with a crinkled face and moans as he rolls over. I move quietly to the door at the end of the hall as the threshold creaks…flip n the light in the bathroom and gently tell my husband “Your breakfast is in the office!” I head back down the squeaky steps to enjoy my latte’ and listen to the series of knocks and creaks as the two begin to move around upstairs. “Good…they are up!” I think to myself as I hear “The Sounds of My Morning!”

Here is the point where the noises increase in full combat mode. I do not understand how so much noise can come from one little boy…”The fact is…I had 3 small children, close in age, eating and getting ready for the day, at the same time, all quieter than this one little boy!” The cascading stomps down the stairs hide the squeak as he moves into the kitchen. The milk is poured over his cereal in a rush…”Sorry!…overflow!” The crunches and slurping mix with conversations and unique tones and pitches, unknown to man, as he eats his breakfast. He finishes and throws his bowl in the sink. He begins his lunch preparation and fills the kitchen with sounds of shaking potato chip bags and digging in the large, almost empty, cookie container. The lid to the peanut butter jar is flopped onto the counter so that it spins like a top. He comments about that sound and does it again. Off to the refrigerator for the jam. Mumbling comments as he removes the lid from the jam. Clink…onto the counter! Laughter as the lid performs it’s “top maneuver”. The quick snap from the plastic bags, as he closes them, lets me know he is done. He is off again with the stomping up the stairs to brush his teeth and then the return stomping down the stairs. The multitude of zips and clips as he readies his book bag and the continuous pleading for candy to take to school fill the remaining minutes till he walks out the door. “Like I am going to send a child to school with candy after all the noise and flurry of activity I have experienced!” He moans and groans, questioning my parenting nature…but the No’s have it! He heads out the door. “The Sounds of My Morning” are reflecting the peaceful calm now that the “tropical storm” is waiting for his bus!

My husband is almost done as his shoes sound across the tile on the bathroom floor. Off to the kitchen to fill his commuter mug. The glass against the metal on the base clink as I pull the coffee pot out and replace it on the base. Beep…Beep…Beep! I open the door going into the garage and open the car door. Back into the house I go! The closing of the office door and mechanical locking let me know my husband is coming down. The creaks and squeaks of the stairs and our normal series of hugs and goodbyes. The garage door rises as the metal panels move and shake like a large roller-coaster slowly clicking it’s way up the first hill. The car is started and the seat belt alert chimes…he leaves! I return to my coffee!. A few moments of solitary silence…

It won’t be long and the other two, still snoring upstairs, will start their day. My 19 year old has an interview this morning at a very large exercise chain facility. “Keep him in your prayers or keep you fingers crossed!” The 21 year old works late today at his Jewelry Store job. It will be almost noon by that time and the morning, which was packed with sounds, will give way to a slower pace of normal activity. I will settle back in my chair, with my cup of non-package oatmeal, next to my snoring princess and finish my latte’! I have a list of things to do today…I will be walking plenty today and lifting heavier than normal objects. “OOO…exercise!” I will not hear these sounds again…not until tomorrow…then once again I will hear “The Sounds of My Morning!”

Think about it…what sounds are you hearing everyday? I bet they are the same as mine! Have a great day!

Just in the time I took to proof and eat my breakfast my 19 year old left for his interview. This was his third interview and he just called…He got the job! PARTY! Whoop…Whoop…Whoop! Sorry…he has been looking for a job for quite a while!

Peach State

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  1. Part of my bedtime routine is to make sure there is enough water in the cool air humidifyer I use every night.. I use it for two reasons: 1) Because I need the humidity. 2) To block out noises! I sleep in a different room from my husband…so…that…I…can…actually…sleep! But, last night was a bit noisy dispite my setting the humidfyer on high.

    I woke up at 5am, and never got back to sleep. I heard beeping twice; still not sure where it came from. At 6am, I decided to try to get back to sleep. That’s when I heard my husband get up, and stir around the house. A few minutes later, I heard him whistling for the dog, who he lets out every morning; and then he acts surprised that she returns only on her time. So, 6:15am I give up, and get up. Heard that beeping one more time after going downstairs…still have no clue where it came from. 6:40ish, I hear the extremely loud squeaking of my niece’s bus. It picks her up at the end of my driveway. None of the other 50 dozen buses (slight exaggeration) that run through here everyday are as loud as this one bus. On mornings that I am still in bed, waiting for my alarms to chime, ( clock and phone) that bus wakes me up, robbing me of my last 5 – 10 minutes of sleep! Not even the humidifyer set on high can drown out that high pitch squeaking! In case you are wondering, the squeaking is caused by the brakes. I always have my cell phone alarm set for 2 snoozes, not for snoozing, but for finding my phone after I get up. Only some mornings it doesn’t alarm the snoozes. I just discovered that I have to press a different button for that.

    At least, I know that when I get downstairs, my half-caff is waiting for me. My husband makes his coffee, and mine! What a treat! For many years, I didn’t drink coffee, and I made his coffee every morning. But, somehow it all turned around, and I ain’t drawin’ attention to it by asking him any questions about it…

    Hubby and I drinking our coffees, each on our computers, we talk some. 7:10 every morning, I go up the road to my granddaughter’s bus stop, which is the end of her driveway. Only this morning was cold, so I warmed the car at 7:05. Car radio on, I usually get to hear a couple of news stories and maybe the weather before my granddaughter gets into the car. Then we talk and listen to music. She loves Adele, and we listen to the CD I bought, yet she and I share. Only I haven’t been able to find it this week. Too bad I can’t blame her for it; I’m sure I misplaced it. After her bus comes, I roll back down the street, and continue my morning.

    Anyway, by then I am ready to start my morning routines, in random order, mostly depending on when we get hungry. I try to make breakfast before my husband goes downstairs to his office to start work. Then there’s cleaning the kitchen, Bible study, prayer if I didn’t get good prayer time before arising from bed, more facebook, and this blog! Then, I get on with chores and errands I had planned for the day, unless I already have a migraine…But, know this…tomorrow morning I will be paying closer attention to “The Sounds of My Morning!”

    • i am jealous that your sweetie fixes the coffee…but glad that he takes such good care of you. Now if we can just get him to call the dog differently so he will not wake you up!
      Peach State

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