Peach State says: It’s All About Facebook Funnies!

But I wanted a convertible!

I have some wonderful funnies for you today! Everything and cats…cats…Well you get the idea. I would like to start off with our “Word of the Day!


Speaking of home…here are a few that may hit home with you!

Beggars can’t be choosers…Right?

Well Gillette Fusion will see an increase in sales due to “Team Jacob”!

20120418-073206.jpgWhat? No light bars!

In honor of my upcoming Anniversary!

My Sweet Husband would never forget!

Age was quite the topic of conversation this week on Facebook.



Gift ideas…


Bring on the Cats….and Dogs!

That darn “Sock Monkey”! Always stirring up trouble.





I love Funny inspirational and motivational sayings…this week two crossed my Facebook page and caught my eye…

I am your “Average” Abnormal!

The next one is the winner of this weeks “Blog Worthy Award!”

The comments were tame and supportive…except for one!
“You have a Unicorn too?” They must be close friends!

It has been quite a week! I won’t be able to reflect long…it is pouring outside and the sound of the rain gushing through the gutters is quite relaxing. NAP! Just a short one…hubby has a “Webinar” at 9:30 this morning…
Have a great day and enjoy finding the humor that is all around you. If you can’t see it…just check your own Facebook Funnies!

Peach State

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  1. So funny! It’s hard to pick a favorite! Enjoy your nap!

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