Peach State says: “I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”

So there I was…walking through the church halls with a friend and her children. She was holding her newborn in her arms and I was holding the hand of her, then just learning to walk, toddler. Needless to say we were not moving that fast. With diaper bags on shoulders and purses falling to the crook of my elbow I guided the blond headed toddler through the thickening crowd. Suddenly a burst of movement and major shuffle of bodies caught my eye. Three boys were running and horse playing in the hall ahead…a hallway filled with older people and mothers with small children. People began shaking their heads and small children were being swept up into their mother’s arms…as these boys continued their out of control state. ““I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”

I picked up my friend’s little girl and moved…stealthily maneuvering the crowd I came up behind one of the boys. Laying my hand on his shoulder caused him to jump out of his skin. He spun around and gave me a look….I smiled and said…”I know that look and you can put that thought away!” His friends came to his rescue…well they actually came to his side! The shocked faces of these boys reminded me of my own three after they were caught doing something they were not supposed to be doing! I smiled and said…”Please stay right here and let me take this child to her class…I will be right back!” I caught up with my friend and she just smiled with that nod of “I know what your going to do!” and appreciation. I returned to the hallway and there stood the boys…I walked over to them and stood tall…okay as tall as the vertically challenged woman that I am can. “I just want to say that you three are very fast and can maneuver through a obstacle course very well!”. They beamed..and nodded I agreement at this compliment. “But I know you would agree with me that small children and older people with canes and walkers to assist them may not be the best obstacle course…I know you would not want to see anyone get hurt…Right?” Their faces dropped as they looked down at the floor. “I may not know your names but I can find out who your parents are…but we do not need to go we?” Smiles returned to their faces…and high fives were exchanged…One of the boys thought we were done and made his move…WHAM! He ran into someone…and he fell back. One of my favorite teenagers had come to say good morning and this boy had run smack dab into him. The teen, smiling at his feat of strength, reached over and helped the young man up. The teen then turned and gave me a hug…and then whispered…”I got this!”

I looked at the group still somewhat stunned…and smiled. I walked into the next hallway and watched.

The boys were escorted by this teen to their room and the teen said…”Boy you guys are lucky…she is the mother of four boys and three of them are Black Belts . The TKD Master made sure that she knew how to take them down…even though they were Black Belts. She must see something in you to cut you such a break!” One of the young boys spoke up…”Who is she?” The teen told them and turned to go to church. I went another way to my class…“I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”

The group had also been seen by their Jr. High teacher and he spoke with them and told them pretty much the same thing I did. After church I was walking with the same friend to help her retrieve her 2 youngest. These same boys were walking out of the building and one gave me a hug…”I’m sorry…accidents can happen and I do not want to be the cause!” I smiled and continued on. The smiles from other adults in the hallway and from the boys teacher just warmed my heart. They knew and the appreciation showed in every twinkle of their eyes and smiles. “Hey Peach State…If your ever want to work with the Jr. High group you would be truly an asset!” I turned and saw the Director of the Jr. High giving me the nod…”We are always looking for people who have a heart for this age group!” The laughter flooded silently inside me…”All you need is a group of mothers…that’s all!”. Several people chuckled at the statement. I continued on with my friend. She agreed with the Director…”Even though I am a mother…I don’t think I would have handled that situation as well as you did!”. We both have teaching backgrounds and I told her she would have.

Okay…long story short! These three young men now walk in the hallways…their parents have all shared their appreciation in my handling the situation. One parent has asked my advice on several other situations. I continue to serve in only one ministry…Music…and do not work with the Children or Youth programs. This was not the first time I have had to deal with unruly or active personalities and it will probably not be the last! “At least this group were close to my eye level!” I had dealt with High School Sophomores who were, needless to say, much taller than I was. “I found out later that day this group of over-grown giants were in fact the Varsity Basketball Team.” Fortunately there was a young man in the class, who turned out to be the Class President, that knew who I was…and that “I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!” He pretty much said the same thing to those boys that the teen at church said. “Hey guys…her sons are Black Belts…and she can take them down!” Those Sophomores are in their early 20’s now and a few are married. We have remained close and they have come to my home on many occasions.

The funny thing is I do love working with kids..but love serving in the Music Ministry more. I help with the Vacation Bible School and usually it is with the older kids. I enjoy working with the older kids now that mine are older. Maybe it is because I am a Mother!. Mothers of older children have this uncanny ability to read the looks and body language. The mischievous glint in the eyes, the devilish grin…yep I have seen it all. Snipping the bud…is a talent that is acquired in motherhood. This group of young men are really good boys…they just needed someone to say “Whoa!” and yes, they still have that wild mischievous glint in their eyes…

Sometimes kids need to be told to slow down…Have you ever had the chance to behave this way as an adult? Do you shy away thinking someone else will take care of the situation? Well not this mom! “I Have Kids…You Don’t Scare Me!”. Have a great day!

Peach State


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  1. I tried to comment twice yesterday. The first attempt was a failure due to my brain still being jarred by the migraine and the medicine. The second attempt was coming along fine until my 20 month old grandson decided to help. The only thing that scares me about him is his cuteness…it may get him in some trouble one day! Ha, ha!

    Having worked with children of all ages for many years, I do not shy away from those situations you described. While working with children, I have encountered all kinds of situations.

    Teaching 5 year old Sunday school, I had a boy named Jonathan in my class. He was a sweetie, but one morning, he was extremely disruptive. It kind of freaked me out a little because it wasn’t his normal behavior. So, after several warnings, I made him my “Special Friend” for the morning. That was a pseudo punishment, which the children understood, where the child had to sit by me instead of with their friends. I dished out that particular “punishment” in a playful manner, and even the “Special Friend” was usually amused by it, as was this boy. When his mom came to pick him up, she told me that she had forgotten to inform me that her son’s asthma was acting up really badly, and the medicine they were using to treat him made him terribly hyper! I had to laugh about that. I was so releived to find out the reason that boy’s behavior had changed so drastically.

    So, about 15 years later, I’m at my credit union, and the young man taking care of me says, “Hey, I know you!” Yep, it was the young man from my Sunday School class I just told you about. I said, “Hey, do you remember the time during VBS, when we were all outside, and I yelled at you, “Jonathan, you better get down off that car before I yank a knot in your tail!” He laughed as he shook his head, saying, “Yeah, I do!” It’s funny when you work with the same kids for many years from being involved in different ministries within the Children’s Ministries Program. You just automatically love and treat them like your own!

    I dealt with another hyper young man for several years in the Children’s Ministries, who struggled terribly with impulse control issues. Having come from a family of hyperactive people, I used a lot of patience in dealing with him. One night, during Children’s Choir, he was in rare form! After several incidents, I had to give him his last warning. To show his appreciation, he gave me the “one-finger salute” as I turned to walk away. This was also done to amuse the other children. But, much to his surprise, I turned back around and saw him…bless his heart. Yeah, I informed him that I would have to report that to his mom. See, his mom and I had agreed that as long as I could take care of a situation, there was no need to tell her. She had heard it all before, and I didn’t see the need in telling her. However, he needed to understand that there was a line not to be crossed, and he crossed it that night. He begged me not to tell his mom, but I had to do it. I felt sorry for him, because I knew he was truly sorry, not just for being caught, but because he had given in to that impulse. But, I would have been doing him no favors by not reporting that incident.

    I do not work in the Children’s Ministries at this time. I don’t have the energy for it. I spend time with my three grandchildren, and one niece, who all live close by. I take my granddaughters to church with me as often as they will go. Throughout the years, I piled my cars full of my children and their friends, and neighbor kids to get them to church to learn about God! The best thing you can do for a child is to teach them about Jesus. You must think about eternity, not just the here and now. I am thankful to have the opportunity, even now to do that. It may not be on the scale it once was, but I realize that children take to heart everything you do and say! I only hope that I am as much of a blessing to children, as they are to me!

    • Oh the stories that can be shared by those who have worked in and around children. The good thing is that typically humor can be found in most of the stories. Thanks for sharing.
      Peach State

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