Peach State says: My Facebook Funnies!


What a fun week with my Facebook friends. I cannot wait to share with you today! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and prepare to smile. One word of warning…please do not drink while reading…spewing may occur! Drink after you finished laughing!

There has been a serious use of the “Force” this past week so we will start with the Star Wars inspired Facebook Funnies.

Are we sure this is not “Darth Vader”? He could have not had any of his regular black robes clean!


Even the wise Gandelf is no match for the “Force”!

The cat pics were intense this week…let me share a few of the best…

That darn “Force” has invaded my cat pics!

Don’t you want to hold that cat and tell it everything will be okay? I was thinking “RUN!”

The next couple of cat pics were sent to my wall…well..because I am a dog person! “Don’t get me wrong I love cats…just not in my house…I love my precious princess(English Cocker Spaniel)!



The next pic is my favorite for the week and it is this week’s “Blog Worthy Award Winner”

This one just cracked me up…I called my “Mutual Cat Lover Friend” when she placed this on Facebook and we laughed and laughed.

The next group…well…”Here’s a sign!”






I do enjoy sharing this tidbits of humor with you…I wish I could share them all but with friends like mine the post would never end. “I do have other things to do!”
Have a great day and don’t forget to share some a little humor with your friends and find your own Facebook Funnies! We all need to smile.

Peach State

That’s Harvey, the invisible rabbit…could you tell him to come home.


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  1. The Facebook funnies!!!! The marriage pic and the Obi Wan/Gandelf pics were my favs!!!

  2. You are getting things done early this morning! I saw a lot of these last week, but for some reason the one that made me laugh out loud this morning was the innocent looking young man asking about the “friends with benefit”. Maybe it’s because I wish I had a friend who would provide me with health insurance! Or maybe it’s because my generation has a totally different term for it. Oh well, either way…thanks for the laughs! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, I know what that phrase means, that’s why it was so funny! Well, the reason I didn’t laugh as hard at the award winner is because I saw it a few days ago. But, I agree that it was worthy of an award!

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