Peach State says: More Facebook Funnies!

Of course not!
It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…More Facebook Funnies!

This has been a great week for Facebook Funnies!. My friends have been very busy this week and couple of them have started competing with each other everyday. Let the battle begin!

With all of the allergy and sinus problems my friends have been visiting their doctors looking for any relief…sometimes the diagnosis is not what we think…


This week’s cat pictures have overflowed…here are the best!

Diva Cat!

This is not a self portrait!

I am guilty of saying this statement way to much!! But how true it is!

This may be a self portrait….
Sometimes we face trials…how we go through them gives us strength to face anything! I would not want to face this trial!


The next section will speak for itself…

That is a true…dream..wish…statement! I can really relate!

This next one…well let’s just say these words may have actually come out of my mouth a few times!


I will close today’s Facebook Funnies with my favorite topic. COFFEE!


This is what our choir used to look like on Wednesday nights…so we all started bring our own coffee in…now we are real lively bunch!
I hope you have enjoyed today’s Facebook Funnies! I wanted to announce the undisputed winner in this weeks Blog Worthy Award is (drum roll please)“Our Mutual Cat Loving Friend!”I have not put all of the saved funnies on today….just in case next week is a slow humor week! So until next Wednesday have a great day and come back for More Facebook Funnies!

Peach State


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  1. So funny! They were definitely worth waiting for! I think I suffer from the children syndrome…yes…even still! Congratulations, “Mutual Friend”…you funny, funny lady! I’ll win one of these weeks…(insert evil laugh!)

  2. This was funny especially the “don’t look at me, he’s your son” pic!

  3. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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