Peach State says: It’s Spring Break!

Well it’s finally here…the last vacation from school before the summer…woo hoo! (sarcasm…sorry!)
Reasons I am glad It’s Spring Break!

Less time on the road!
Most people have left town and there is no traffic!

Shopping is easier and quicker!
Most people have left town and there are no long lines

Can get gas at the gas station!
Most people have left town and no waiting to get gas…just have to have lots of $$$!

Sleeping in!
Who am I kidding…hubby still going to work!

Laid back schedule!
No practices at church…but practices will be at a friends house…one one doctor’s appointment, family haircuts before Easter…shopping for Easter clothes…I need shoes! maybe it is not the ideal stay at home vacation! I will be able to spend time outside today…pulling weeds! What a nice way to have quality family time…no son that is not a weed! I will start my vegetable garden this week and maybe buy a few more flowers for color. Reminder…make nail appointment for later in the week! “I do love playing in the dirt…without gloves!” I will have help from two sons as I clean out the old dead plants and replace the soil…I can taste the fresh tomato sandwiches already!

I have several friends who stayed in town…and we will be getting together this week. Time with friends and family is what a vacation is all about…we are just not near a beach…so…

(breath in…breath out…ahhh!)

Sorry..I just had to have something beachy to look at! I will be content to enjoy my quiet unscheduled days at home. No son! Stop running in the house! Calm down! Leave your brother alone! Quiet, relaxing days at home! “What is that?” It’s Spring Break!

I will be able to get a lot accomplished and enjoy my week! “Sounds like a mantra.”
How will you spend your time off? Will you spend it with friends and family? Mine will be good…with friends and family you can’t go wrong! Have a great day!

Peach State


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  1. It’s pretty much like any other week for me except that I don’t have to get out of bed as early in the mornings. Yesterday’s migraine has returned with a vengence, so I have taken medicine, but will have to go back to bed this morning. Hoping not to have to take extra medicine for the nausea, which is really bad this morning. Sipping my coffee, hoping the little amount of caffeine that is in it will help the medicine.

    My oldest granddaughter is with her dad for a couple of days. She did tell me last week that she might possibly spend a couple of days at my house during spring break. She only lives two houses up the road now, but has always always had a room at my house. This is because she has lived in my house more than she has lived anywhere else. She lived here with her mom, and later younger sister, but they move around so much! I don’t believe her younger sister, who is my middle grandchild remembers living here. There is a nine year age difference between them.

    I will be getting my hair cut and colored this week. It has grown out, and is taking waaaaaaaaaay too much time to fix. Then, after all that time and work, it doesn’t stay fixed. Besides, it needs to be short for the summer…keeps me cooler.

    Let me say this: even if I had the time and money to go out of town right now, I would not go during spring break! Billy and I have been fortunate enough to go out of town during “off season” in the past, and it is a nice surprise when it happens! We never planned it that way, we just went when we could. It’s so much better! Cheaper and more competitive rates, smaller crowds, less traffic…it’s great…kind of like staying home during spring break: less traffic, smaller crowds, and, and, and…nope, everything here still costs the same!

    • Our beach house is off the beaten track and after the many years of going there during Spring Break we know where to go and what to avoid. I miss my beach house! How short? Can’t wait to see it…but that will have to be Easter! I hope that blasted (freakin! …in your language!) migraine will depart this time. I am so sorry this round has given you so much trouble. We missed you yesterday! I was glad you could interact with me and our mutual cat loving friend yesterday. Feel better!
      Peach State

  2. I envy you having the beach house to go to! I think the weather and my messed up sinuses aggravated by the allergies has been a huge factor in triggering these migraines. I am feeling some better, so gonna try to get on with my day now. You and your partner in crime were so funny yesterday! Laughter is not only good for the soul, but it helps distract me from pain. It was good medicine! Thanks!

  3. Sounds like you’re going to be busy; try and make time for relaxing 🙂

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    • I am still relatively new to blogging but I can say if you are on WordPress just find a topic of you interests. There are a great selection to choose from. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.
      Peach State

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