Peach State says: Sunrise Reflections


No light is shinning from behind the trees this morning. The birds are silent and still. The fragrance of rain fills the air as the scattered droplets touch the varied surfaces. It is Saturday morning and I wish I was still in bed…but the day will march forward carrying me in it’s flow. I will sip from my tall pink cup and close my eyes. Thoughts of this past week have been knocking around in my dreams, bringing to life these events already lived. They were not spectacular in nature and tedious to most. But this is my life…and this is my Sunrise Reflections!

Singing and music was a large part of this weeks activities. Everyday the songs flow through my head, repeating the tune and lyrics. “This always happens when I am memorizing the music.”
I was at the church on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday and Friday did not revolve around singing, except for the special that three of us went over Thursday while working on the choir room. We successfully cleaned the choir room and rearranged the furniture too! “I can’t wait to hear and see the reaction tomorrow!” This has been a long week but this coming week will be longer…we have the final practices leading up to the dress rehearsal and performance next weekend.

Another warming sip of my latte’ as a smile creeps across my face…my youngest has been out of school due to the county wide 2-day break. Economic cutbacks! He was with me at the church on Thursday and Friday…he was a real big help! Someone watched as he took the boxes and boxes of choir robes and miscellaneous music from the choir room to the music library. He was so excited when he was able to use a Dollie to move more than one at a time and use the elevator. Yesterday he received am iTunes card from the person who had watched him working. She said it was so good to see a young man work so hard…she wanted to give him something to tell him “Way to go!”
I was thankful and proud…”He spent the rest of the day writing a list of songs to download.”
At least he was busy…and out of other people’s way.

Spending time with friends is a wonderful activity. This past week gave me the chance to do just that. Thursday and Friday from about 8:45-2:30 (a guesstimate on the ending time) I was fortunate enough to spend time with a dear friend. We sing together and share the love of Starbucks and our daily coffee and poke fun at each other on Facebook. The similarities are numerous and have created strong ties between us. We found that our previous skills in the workplace prepared us for a challenge set before us yesterday. The making of copies for the sound personnel and the worship leader and a smaller notebook for the praise team…of the Easter Music…so that these people would be able to lay the book flat and not have to struggle and fight the pages. The copier was not our friend…in the beginning! We came to an understanding…it would make copies and I would not blow it up. I thought that was fair! One of the songs in our Easter Music is called “O Great Redeemer!” I was singing it in my head and got to the chorus and out came a loud “O Great..” before I could finish my friend turned around in fear…”What happened?” “everything is fine…why?” She thought I was saying Oh great…like something is wrong…with the copies. We both laughed and began singing song snip-its to fit the situation. She joked that this would end up on my blog…and she was right! Time passed quickly and so did the work!

I was able, for the most part, to keep up with the laundry at home as well as the other tasks. “I did good!” It will be a typical Saturday for me and I am looking forward to a slow day. Pausing to drink some more of my latte’ and listen to the squeaking floor as my husband walks across the bathroom floor upstairs. The birds are awake now as the thick cloud cover hides the suns warm glow. My shadow and constant companion, a black English Cocker, is curled up in the chair next to mine. She is 13 years old today! She will be spoiled…but then again she is spoiled everyday. The house is quiet but that will change as my two older sons get ready to go to work. It will be a quiet day…hopefully!

This is Brittany…timing is everything…it looks like she is smiling but she had just sneezed. “I like to think it is a smile.” Enjoy the day you have ahead of you. You will only have this day to live once and then it will fade as the morning fog in your Sunrise Reflections!

Peach State

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  1. First things first: HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRITTANY! I hope she gets extra spoiling today! Next…I missed it somehow…the fact that it is supposed to rain this morning. Oh well, I have plenty to do in the house today. I have not kept up as well as you have!

    As I read this, I can see and hear the two of you working hard, and cuttin’ up the whole time! I wish I could have been there working with you two in the mornings, but I wasn’t able to manage it. It was a three-migraine week. Though the medicine didn’t bother me as badly as it usually does on one of those days, and I was able to take it late enough another day that most of the nasty side effects happened as I was sleeping. So, I was slowed down some, but not as much as I could’ve been. Otherwise, I had a very busy week here. Also had some fun with my grandchildren. Even so, the little ones usually exhaust me. Am I complaining? NO, I LOVE every minute of it! I took one of them birthday shopping…my checkbook is more exhausted than I!

    I can’t wait to see the choir room! It seems much roomier with the stuff you had already moved out. I’m thankful that our choir director got a bigger office, and a music library! That frees up a lot of space in the choir room. I was thinking about the speaker on the wall hidden behind the choir robes. Is it still there? Years ago, when we still wore the robes and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I used to clean up in the choir room on Sunday mornings after choir sang. I turned on the speaker to hear the pastor preach as I worked.

    I’m so glad that your youngest got a chance to help out, and it was so nice of someone to reward him for doing a good job! I’m guessing who it was. Her remark sounds just like something she would say! Oh, and about those notebooks…did ya’ll happen to make one for the soloists? Especially one with a musically nonchallenging, yet somewhat tongue-twisting solo? Just askin’…

    • giggle giggle…
      I am glad to hear the meds did not knock you down like they have recently. We knew where your priorities kept you. As for the person responsible for complimenting my son… It is probably not who you were thinking. On to the folders I think we have an extra that could be used for the lyric challenging songs. Lol. I will check with “da man”. Have a great day and see you in the morning.
      Peach State

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