Peach State says: It’s Facebook Funnies Time!

It is that time again! I have found some thought provoking Facebook pictures from this past week to share…yep! We all need a laugh now and then…Right? So, here it is…It’s Facebook Funnies Time!

Some friends of mine have been shopping for a house…

I hope the inspector doesn’t find anything wrong with this one…

Things have been hard all over…a friend recently got a job and wanted to buy something special…


It is important to read signs…



Traffic flow must follow certain guidelines for the safety of those on the road. Please remember to use your turn signals. This picture came from the Vegas area…


My cat lover friends have been hard at work this week…
This is how my page looked Monday…




With pics like these you would hope the week got better…but…

Coffee…you can’t drink just one cup!

This last pic lets us know the economy is beginning to turn around… They finally got the car repaired!


We have to find ways to get through this hard time…I am glad my friends have a sense of humor!
Check your page and laugh a little. Then forward me your Facebook Funnies! Have a great Wednesday!

Peach State


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  1. Well, the first picture makes me feel better about MY house! LOL! I see that our cat-loving friend is a regular contributor to your Wednesday blog! I enjoyed it, thanks!

  2. Hahaha very funny, just what i needed to cheer me up!

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