Peach State says: How ‘Bout A Cup?

We have our rituals of getting the day started…routines to wake up our mind. Some start with waking the rest of the members of the house while others quietly ponder what the day will hold. That is me…the second one…nestled in my fuzzy socks and bulky, but fluffy, sweater with a nice homemade latte’…“How ‘Bout A Cup?”

The only sounds I hear, as this routine unfolds, is the cycling on and off of the fridge in the kitchen. It is early, too early, for the sounds of waking bird songs. I have a slight ringing in my ears, thanks to my problematic sinuses. “I guess I am getting a head start to allergy season!”. The sun’s bright orange glow is reaching through the tree line as it rises to say good morning. I relish the hot sip of my 4 shot espresso latte’ and smile. “It should be a nice day!” “How ‘Bout A Cup?”


I visited my friends earlier with the above pictured greetings on my social media outlet…and really miss the days of long chats and coffee with a dear friend and neighbor. I know that life must go on…but we need to stop and smell the coffee! “At least once a day! Don’t you agree?”


However, I must confess that the breathing in and out of the aroma and sipping from the cup in solitary surroundings can give us time to prepare and heal. The quiet softly embraces our busy lifestyle and slows us down, just for a moment, awaking the spirit to face the new day. This part of the day is soooo needed before the chaos of moving cars and shuffling of schedules begins. The pitter-patter of little feet has been replaced by silent young men with wrinkled brows. They manage to groan out a morning greeting as the younger of the three, only 11 years old, comes bouncing like a Tigger breaking the sound barrier. As this daily event unfolds I will reach for my escape in a cup.
“How ‘Bout A Cup?” “Don’t mind if I do!”


I simply stand or sit with my cup in hand…and the world continues to spin. The boys will continue in their private oblivion as I reach the end of my vacation in a cup. With wishes for a good day…they shuffle off to their jobs. “At least they smiled as they left!”. It is strange…the world seems to slow around me when I have my cup in hand. Maybe it is just wishful thinking! Go ahead..take another sip…and I will have one with you!

Have a great day and don’t forget to take a little break…Is now good? “How ‘Bout A Cup?”

Peach State

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  1. Funny, when I did have a house full, I didn’t drink coffee. Just had to hit the floor running because I am not, nor never have been a morning person. I would get up before everyone else, make my husband’s coffee, wake up everyone, get the girls fed, iron their clothes, and a shirt for my husband, go to the bus stop with the kids, see my husband off to work, then it was me time…NOT! I usually had a child to babysit arrive by then!

    It’s been just me and my husband for several years now, with the exception of grandchildren sometimes staying overnight. My husband is usually up before me, and he makes the coffee now. A big pot of “mud” (as I call it) for him, and a small pot of half caff for me! He drinks his black, I use sweetener and fat free half & half. He naps in his recliner. During the week, I go up the street to be with my oldest granddaughter at the bus stop, as she is the only child there, and has no adult interaction in the morning. She seems to appreciate it, especially on those very cold and/or rainy mornings. After she boards the bus, I return home to continue my morning routine. Okay, I use the word “routine” lightly!

    Often, I am awakened by my niece’s bus. It stops at the end of my driveway and has the loudest, squeakiest brakes of all the buses that come through here every day! If I’m up before the bus comes, which is way before the buttcrack of dawn (!), I go out to visit with her and my sister. My dog thinks they have come to see her, so she gets very excited…or is that just the normal mood of a black lab?

    I do like to peek at the rest of the world through my laptop. Catch up with friends and family on facebook, and read this blog. Devotions and Bible studies are usually done in the morning after breakfast. Then come chores, doctor or dentist appointments, taking Mom or another family member to the doctor, and/or babysitting one of the younger grandchildren. This evening the pitter patter of little feet will be heard throughout the house because my little grandson will be here while his parents take a “date night”, but I rarely hear that precious sound in the mornings anymore. Cherish it!

  2. This is a reply to your blog from my husband. He says, “I get up of the morning, and cuss the day; worry about the worst; and pray for the best!” LOL! He’s full of funny sayings!

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