Peach State says: Facebook Humor Time!

We love to laugh and share our dreams with those on our wall…
What can I share this week?

The dreams we have to succeed and find love are often not as important to some…

The dream car…How about a car that is reliable and doesn’t drink gas?

Inspiration: the quotes and pictures that need to be shared…
I have found some that strike right to the core!

There is not a need for this on the wall!!

For the person who is struggling…and needs a gentle, childlike nudge!

I just love the examples we learn from as children!
This one was one of my favorites…I do not know why it was sent to me…HeHe!


We have the cat and dog pics that speak our mind…well…you judge for yourself!



Last but not least…this one made quite an impact and I personally appreciate the humor in it…What do you think?

Someone who is able to admit their situation and solve it without causing harm to others should be applauded!
I know you have similar inspiring pics that you receive. Send me your favorites! I love sharing wisdom! Have a great day!

Peach State


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  1. LOL! This laugh was just what the doctor ordered today! But actually, the rocking chair does get you somewhere: To Sleep…usually while you are trying to rock a baby to sleep! I don’t know that I have funny pictures…just some funny sayings. But, can’t think of them right now… Oh, and as far as the Winnie the Pooh poster…Stop making fun of my family!

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