Peach State says: Just Peas in a Pod!


We are always together in small giggling groups. We act as if we have been friends since childhood. We share a friendship that will last forever…that’s us…“Just Peas in a Pod!”

The kindred spirits, anchored together in faith, clustered together because of talents and similarities. The fun has just begun as we sit and visit. The laughter bounces off the surrounding walls and fixtures uncontrollably. “We are going to be banned from Starbucks if we do not calm down!”. Whispers rise from one of the peas and we snicker and huddle closer together. The non-verbal communications begin with simple looks and sparkles in the eyes of those around the table. We miss those who are not with us…of course we will be with them soon enough in choir practice.

We flutter around, in large crowds, visiting and laughing with many. Hugs abound and conversations are varied as we move in a harmonic dance. There are pods on this plant…each pod shares similar views making us alike in so many ways. The stages of life may separate us a little but the humor is a bungee cord yanking us together with a vicious snap. We know when one is not feeling up to par by the squint of the eyes or lack of volume in the laughter. The twinkle does not seem as bight and the peas will lend their strength and well wishes in hopes of quick recovery. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

Our pod is either very large or perhaps we pod-hop! We fit snugly together in many different combinations and pods. We nudge each other in passing as we go about our day. Actively popping in and out of the pods and developing lasting relationships with those we meet.

We share many parts of our life…but never share the coffee…”I chuckle softly at that thought!” We do share the time together with our individual cups of the “heavenly brew” warming our hands. The types of liquid based fixes are as different as the individuals drinking from the cups. There are a few of us peas that indulge the cold-bottled liquid, Diet Coke and Mr. Pibb being the standard, due to not liking coffee. We need to pray for them!

I know you are probably thinking how weird I am for writing about this group of people. I have been fortunate most of my adult life to have this “pod-like” friendship. I don’t think I could function without them. We may not share the deepest parts of us with everyone in the pod but, there are those in the pod who hold our secrets. Sadly, as with any pod, peas will be separated. Some move to another city or state and some across the country. The gathering ceases and the laughter is decreased. A “new pod” replaces the “old pod” and the cycle begins again. Memories are made and built in hopes of surviving the next separation. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

I know, if you just take a moment to evaluate those you hold dear, you will see you are part of a “pod” too. What brought you together? Demographics, school, clubs, work, travel…the lists just goes on. It is not about looks or wealth! “I am so glad about this!” Our bond was created just for us…and will increase in strength and love. I miss the other peas and cannot wait to see them. They become extended family…important to our basic survival. The peas get sick together and help each other through the hard times. We may not know, at the time, how much we help each other but that is not important. “I only have one regret! That my husband is not a functioning member of the “pod”!” His schedule and mind-set keep him uninvolved.

Speaking of the daily nudges from the peas…I just received a text…Hehe! My day has started and I must begin the tasks ahead in hopes of completing the list. I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to touch base, or nudge, the “peas in your pod” and brighten their day as well as your own.

Peach State


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