Peach State says: Rough Road Ahead


We have all seen signs along the side of the road informing us of situations coming our way. Detours and road construction are common sights and we hit the steering wheel and complain as if we have no options. We can continue, following the Detour, and still reach our destination. We can sit, realizing we are not the only ones inconvenienced, and wait for the traffic to flow again. We can rely on our GPS to “recalculate” your route to avoid the complications. Wait…we can just turn around and give up! “REALLY!” Warning “Rough Road Ahead”

If you watch the news and pay attention to what is going on in the world today you know this to be true. Preparation for winter weather driving and cutting back on unnecessary travel to save $$ at the gas pump, are just a couple of common sense reactions. We will all struggle to get where we are going in our little world. The road blocks are talked about daily though the media and at the “proverbial” water cooler. Wisely consider the options and think first before heading boldly out into the day. I wish you good luck in your daily travels wherever this Detour may take you.

With this said I would like to think about the bumps in the road. The ones that are not visible from a distance. You never see them coming! Typically we cannot plan for these and are thrown for a loop by the circumstances surrounding this “bump in the road”. There is no way to avoid them and we must stop what we are doing to resolve the issue. Health concerns, loss of job, and accidents often invade our day to day existence quickly with hurricane force winds. Our feet are swept out from under us and we ask ourselves why we never saw it coming. I am here to tell you…there is a ..“Rough Road Ahead!”

It would great if there were warning signs letting us know when accidents or health concerns would effect our travel. But…where is the fun in that? I do not mean to make light of the hard situations we have to sometimes maneuver just to tread water. There are many degrees of impact associated with these bumps in the road”. We just have to stop and take care of the situation the best we can and allow those around us to help. “Just a thought…make sure to help others during their travels…you never know when you will need a favor in return”.

Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing signs that said…
You’re Fired
Divorce Ahead
You did not make the grade!
Keep looking…No job here!

Warnings do not occur at our convenience and we do not have the luxury to plan ahead as the bridge collapses in front of us. Recalculating our direction may take longer but we will at least have time to consider the options in front of us. I think if we take the precautions to protect ourselves and study…taking care of those around us first…the bumps in the road will at least be driven over slowly. We will be able to complete our time on the road and reach our destination safely. We may be bruised and dented…but we will be able to face the day! Knowledge and preparation are wonderful but nothing compares to strong relationships of family and friends during this time of upheaval. One foot in front of the other…one day at a time…slow and sure…We will manage to survive the “Rough Road Ahead” and possible learn something along the way to help others when they have a “What now?” situation happen in their life.

How will you handle what get thrown in your way? Will you stand up straight and bravely face the situation or will you hit the steering wheel and turn the car around and go home? Maybe you are in the detour right now and have some wisdom to share or need to hear suggestions. We must help each other…share what you know and if you need help let someone know. You might find the the “Rough Road Ahead” will slowly smooth out and return to a normal peaceful journey.

Peach State


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