Peach State says: It’s Saturday; Good Morning!


I am sitting in my chair, with my feet up, as words rush through my head. The sun has not yet started it’s daily trek and the birds are silent. The forecast calls for rain and possible thunderstorms today…maybe that is why it is still so dark. “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!”

Coffee has been made and delivered to my husband’s office along with his standard bowl of oatmeal. I sip on my cup, my trusted morning companion, and enjoy the warmth as I set my cup back down. Today will be a lazy day…we need those days from time to time. The laundry is done except for two loads and the house is presentable in standards.

This has been a difficult week and this next week my youngest has Winter Break from school. I long for something different…nope…just the same old thing. Daily chores are my life! I do
have the occasional break with church activities and that is needed. “I would hate to get lost in the fog of the same old thing! “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!”

I guess I should be dancing around like Snoopy. “I get to stay home…I have nothing to do!” I know I should… I have come to realize that I am sort of trapped. I have transportation to church…and that is it! I have no car to just jump into and go! I can’t go walking because my youngest can’t keep up. I would not even make it to the stop sign before he complained about being tired or asking how long we would be walking. My friends all go places with family and friends and I am here. I miss the days when I could drive to Birmingham for the weekend or just go shopping. I know some of this is financial…and the fact that I do not have a car anymore…right financial. 3 cars in the family and not one available for me except on Sunday’s. Sometimes I really do just want to scream! But I will sip on my coffee. “I do not want to wake up my youngest!”

A pinkish burnt-orange glow is coming through the trees…the birds are beginning to sing. I will resume my day with a smile on my face. Content and safe in my little corner of the world. After all I have my coffee and “It’s Saturday; Good Morning!” Come by if you want…I can make more coffee!

Peach State

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