Peach State says: Current Event Friday


The National News shows us a disturbing picture of the road ahead. The world’s finances are faltering and the jobs situation is in a downward spiral. Those people looking for jobs are competing with those who have more experience that have lost jobs due to cutbacks in the companies trying to stay afloat. Insurance is at an all-time high and there are too many families without insurance. Current Event Friday is the theme today! So many issues to choose from…where should we start?

How about the World of Finance?
I will talk from the prospective of an average Middle-Class American Family.
My husband had retired from a high management position to focus on the business he had started from home. The new business had begun to take off and within a year of his retiring we were living “high on the hog”! It was to good to last…the business took a hit and has all but dissolved. My husband, fortunately, was a saver and this allowed us to maintain for four years while he tried to find a job.

The strategies for our survival during this economic downturn should be used as a model. The
only problem was that the Financial Advisors were telling the nation to spend. Spend? We could barely afford gas for the cars and food. We paid the bills…kept the house current…and still managed to eat. The proverbial “belt was tightened” and our little family used it as a teaching tool.

My husband and I came from humble roots and were both familiar with wants versus needs. We kept the same philosophy even through the good times. “I told you he was a saver!” I became an experimental chef…that means I was very creative with my recipes. It is a good thing to know that ground beef can be so versatile! We combined trips to avoid having all the cars on the road using up the fuel…we found rides (“very humbling”), and cut out the unnecessary spending. “Pizza was not delivery but homemade!”

My husband found a job and things remained tight. He needed gas to drive the hour to work and home…he took the car that had been at my disposal…”that hurts” and the paycheck was not what we were hoping for. This was probably a good thing…we remained watchful of the spending and have survived. The boys have even learned a thing or two about living on a small budget.

The bad news is that so many people around us and throughout the Nation could not do what we have managed to do. They have lost their homes and families have fallen apart. Fear and crime are on the rise…people do not know how to react. “Cut back…way back…” may sound like a corny cheer but it works. Yes, it has been difficult and very inconvenient but, we are still together and still enjoy being around each other.

I know you are probably thinking how elementary my approach seems to something so serious as this National Financial-Economic Crisis. It is not due to my lack of understanding. I may not fully comprehend the intricacies of the Finance World or the reasoning behind the plans from Washington. I just wanted to keep my family safe and together. If we just take care of each other and work out from there…to those in our community we can all get through this.

Peach State


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  1. I accept the nomination but regret that the funds needed to run are not in the budget…

  2. Peachstate for President!!!

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