Peach State says: Do I Just Repeat the Same Day Over and Over Again?


The same start to the morning…the same old routine…over and over again. Are we stuck in our personal Groundhog Day movie in our personal lives? Do I Just Repeat the Same Day Over and Over Again?

There are days that feel just like the day before. Stuck in a rut with the occasional difference thrown into the mix. This week I had the same schedule everyday with the exception of Monday.
I left my house about 9:00 am and headed to church. I was attempting to move as much music, as I could, from the Choir Room to the new Music Library. The task at hand was to be undertaken with 2-3 other volunteers…this would not take us long! Oops! No one else showed up to help and I worked for for almost 5 hours straight. I accomplished a lot! The cobwebs set in stone, clinging to boxes of music placed in the same place for years, stretched till they broke free from their stationary existence.

I had a great day…I stepped out of my routine and breathed…returning home to the schedule bound commitment of laundry and cleaning…”What’s for dinner Mom?”Do I Just Repeat the Same Day Over and Over Again?

Is there a lesson I am supposed to be learning? Is that why I have the same routine everyday?
I have, over these many years, found a system that works efficiently. Have I done something wrong that needs to be corrected. Just think back to the movie “Groundhog Day” and remember how many times the main character repeated certain events. He had a lesson to learn and he was destined to relive the same day over and over. What could you do with an opportunity like that? I can understand the different emotions visited as he realized it may never end. Do I Just Repeat the Same Day Over and Over Again?

In the end, of this continuous string of monotonous do-overs, he found that it was not about him…it was about doing selflessly for others. I guess we still have a lesson to learn! So back to folding the clothes with a smile…walking through the, larger than life, Warehouse Club for my monthly grocery shopping…and remembering others first… Are you stuck in your personal Groundhog Day?

Peach State


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  1. Not this week, for sure! Would have loved to have been able to help you with the music at church…surely wish you had had some help! Thank you for moving the music to the library! I think we all get stuck in a rut at times. But the funny thing about that is that when we’ve had weeks that are way, way different, we begin to appreciate the rut! We want to be back in that rut! There’s comfort in it! Or maybe I’m just a sick puppy…rut roh!

  2. interesting tips , identification like to stick to your needs page while usually while i can.have a very beneficial day~~

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