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Peach State says: It’s Time for Facebook Funnies!

Welcome to another Facebook Funnies! For those of you just peeking in for the first time…I take the funniest pictures off my Facebook to share with you. Let’s get started…

Politics is always full of humor…Cartoons have a way shedding light on the issues: for instance “Inflation!”

I would like to know the answer to that question too!

I have not been invited to one of these parties…is that a good thing or a bad thing?

At least it will be contained…and they are secure in who their friends are.

Women often feel lower than men…in the workforce…so what must women do?


I love dogs and enjoys their personalities. The different breeds have unique aspects in their facial expressions.


We have all seen the signs advertising a found pet…I have not seen this before!


There are not enough words to describe this next Facebook Funny!


There were so many to choose from this week but I need to save some for next week…just in case!
I would like to close with a prayer…WAIT! You will really identify with this one!


I identify with realizing the possible failure due to my fragile state of willpower…Don’t you?
Don’t forget to send me those thought provoking, inspirational and humorous Facebook Funnies!. Have a great day!

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Peach State says: Just Find Your Happy Thought Peter!


We face many obstacles everyday as we journey along through this life. Brick walls block our way forcing us to alter our direction and plans. We see no light at the end of our endless tunnel that seems to grow darker with each step. “Just Find Your Happy Thought Peter!”

Finding a happy thought can be difficult but not impossible. The smallest glimmer of hope can shed light on a virtual wasteland of defeat. We force ourselves to get up in the morning and trudge off to jobs or busy schedules with family and friends. There are many happy thoughts in that statement…we can get up and are breathing..we have a job…we have family and friends… Many people feel they don’t even have these luxuries in their life. They may not be able to get out of bed or may have experienced the death of a loved one. There is an emptiness than envelopes us during this time. It is temporary but does not feel like it at the time. “Just Find Your Happy Thought Peter!”

Tinkerbell tries to help Peter remember his happy thought so Peter can fly. Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust…that is all it takes! Unfortunately we don’t have a Pixie Dust distributor or fairies flying around sprinkling the transporting glitter over the heads of those in need. We all have needs in our lives and have to find ways to get past them and move one to the next challenge.

Faith is one way…faith in your beliefs and in those around you. Faith grows with each giant we face…even though we may not realize it at the time. We may not slay the giant but we will get past the giant. Situations bombard daily life in the decisions we make, people around us, finances, and health. We may not be able to see the road block until it is too late. What builds our faith is our reaction. The approach we take in resolving the situation could lead us down
various paths and we must follow through…step by step. The path may be steep and hard to maneuver. Trials and tragedies may come our way in many different varieties. We may find no solution is available to solve the problem and the only way around this road block is filled with treacherous, spirit defeating, landslide prone ground. We must have the faith to continue and trust in our progress. Faith goes hand in hand with Trust!

Bad things happen to good people…we trust that something good will come out of the situation. If our finances are dealing us fits and thrusting us into a life of uncertainty we can trust that we can find something good. (Happy Thought) Things are tight and we cannot do the things we used to do…but we can spend time together as a family or enjoy quality time with those dear to us. Making the most of what we have, at any given time, is the best use of time. The death of a loved one or friend affects many in different ways. Withdrawing from those closest to you will only lead you into a dark place. We must cling to those around us and hold each other close. Healing will take time! We must find our happy thought in the memories left behind. Those we lose want us to continue and not dwell on their passing. A smile or scent may bring us that happy thought needed to get through the days ahead. These complications are difficult and overwhelming…but as we move forward and glimpse the problems we faced behind us we can see they were just growing pains. “Those pains during childhood growth spurts, doctors call non-existent, that let us know we are changing.” We get through them and stand taller because of them. (OOO! Another Happy Thought!) We will get through these situations and do not need Pixie Dust! In our set backs and struggles we must hold on to our Faith and Trust, setting our eyes forward and take the next step. There are happy thoughts all around us…“Just Find Your Happy Thought Peter!”</em

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Peach State says: The Crust Around the Edge!


I was back at church yesterday afternoon preparing for the second sound check and practice. The conversation turned to dinner and the list of possibilities from the others on the stage did not include cooking at home. I leaned out and said…”Mine is already cooked and ready to eat.” the shocked faces turned to face me…”I fixed a Chicken Pot Pie and it was almost done when I left for choir practice.” I was asked how I could make it in the time I was at home… “Well, the recipe is easy because my husband does not like soupy Chicken Pot Pie. The recipe is quick and I just hope they took it out of the oven.” I smiled and then said ” If they do eat before I get home I will only have the Crust Around the Edge!”

They really love this recipe and it is very versatile. I told them I would get them the recipe.

Chicken Pot Pie
4 Chicken Breasts
Large bag of frozen Broccoli Florets
3-4 cups of shredded cheese
1-2 refrigerated pastry/pie shells

Place 4 boneless and skinless chicken breasts in a pot of water and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat and let cook for about 15 minutes or until tender.
Remove from heat.
Add broccoli florets to the pot and let sit for 5-7 minutes.
Remove the chicken and, with two forks, begin shredding and pulling apart.
Combine the chicken and broccoli and place in a greased casserole dish.

Additional items that you can add: bacon crumbled, diced onion

Cover with your favorite cheese…cheddar used here.
Lay the pie crust shell on top and tuck around the edge. I use two shells because of the shallow rectangular dish I used.
Because the ingredients are already cooked the only thing left to do is browning the crust.
Follow the directions for baking on the package and brown.
Serve with a green salad.

This serves 5 people….well three growing boys and two adults on diets.

My family really like this recipe and it is not a time consuming procedure. I knew I would not be home in time to prepare dinner and get my youngest off to bed if I waited to cook when I got home. Planning ahead is the best! Besides…why cause strife about my schedule and not cook at home.
This recipe is quick and easy and a family favorite!

When I got home someone had already sampled it! I served up the portions and fed my youngest and sent him to bed. “School in the morning…remember!” and actually got some for myself and not just “The Crust Around the Edge!.

I hope you get the chance to try this recipe…let me know! I am off to exercise class! I will tell you about that experience another day. Wish me luck and have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: How ‘Bout A Cup?

We have our rituals of getting the day started…routines to wake up our mind. Some start with waking the rest of the members of the house while others quietly ponder what the day will hold. That is me…the second one…nestled in my fuzzy socks and bulky, but fluffy, sweater with a nice homemade latte’…“How ‘Bout A Cup?”

The only sounds I hear, as this routine unfolds, is the cycling on and off of the fridge in the kitchen. It is early, too early, for the sounds of waking bird songs. I have a slight ringing in my ears, thanks to my problematic sinuses. “I guess I am getting a head start to allergy season!”. The sun’s bright orange glow is reaching through the tree line as it rises to say good morning. I relish the hot sip of my 4 shot espresso latte’ and smile. “It should be a nice day!” “How ‘Bout A Cup?”


I visited my friends earlier with the above pictured greetings on my social media outlet…and really miss the days of long chats and coffee with a dear friend and neighbor. I know that life must go on…but we need to stop and smell the coffee! “At least once a day! Don’t you agree?”


However, I must confess that the breathing in and out of the aroma and sipping from the cup in solitary surroundings can give us time to prepare and heal. The quiet softly embraces our busy lifestyle and slows us down, just for a moment, awaking the spirit to face the new day. This part of the day is soooo needed before the chaos of moving cars and shuffling of schedules begins. The pitter-patter of little feet has been replaced by silent young men with wrinkled brows. They manage to groan out a morning greeting as the younger of the three, only 11 years old, comes bouncing like a Tigger breaking the sound barrier. As this daily event unfolds I will reach for my escape in a cup.
“How ‘Bout A Cup?” “Don’t mind if I do!”


I simply stand or sit with my cup in hand…and the world continues to spin. The boys will continue in their private oblivion as I reach the end of my vacation in a cup. With wishes for a good day…they shuffle off to their jobs. “At least they smiled as they left!”. It is strange…the world seems to slow around me when I have my cup in hand. Maybe it is just wishful thinking! Go ahead..take another sip…and I will have one with you!

Have a great day and don’t forget to take a little break…Is now good? “How ‘Bout A Cup?”

Peach State

Peach State says: Current Event Friday

CNN reported that 50 Million people were without medical insurance in 2011…according to CDC reports. I wonder what the number is today! Welcome to “Current Event Friday!”

I would like to touch on the healthcare situation in the United States. We have had no medical insurance for about 4 years now. This is quite a story and it started when my husband retired. Once the insurance coverage we had through his job discontinued he began looking for another carrier. The cost were so high with premiums of almost a $1000 a month. “Highway robbery!”
We finally found a company and were informed everyone was covered…except me. “She is to overweight!”. So I lost the weight beyond their desired recommendations only to be told I was diabetic and they would not cover me. Wow! In losing the weight I was able to control my sugar levels and the A1C level, used to determine Diabetes, was normal. This meant I was not Diabetic! Then they said I could not be covered because of Asthma…Really? I have had Asthma since I was a young child. Finally, after two years, I received coverage…but the story is only beginning.

The problem with this story is the fact that many Americans cannot afford healthcare because of joblessness. When the economy began its downward spiral the percentage of out of work Americans began to rise. Loss of medical benefits and inability to afford the insurance rates, as an unemployed person, became the norm.

We had a personal business that was flourishing when my husband had retired from his job. He had been working daily to maintain both job and family business and realized the family business was making more money than the other job. He retired to focus on the family business. The family business took off and soared well beyond our expectations. But as the Economy turned our business began to fall apart. We could not afford the insurance premiums any longer. And just like that…no insurance. We do not qualify for State Healthcare and cannot afford the visits to the doctor. “That is a vicious circle all by itself!”.

How sad that people cannot afford the premiums…I wonder why! The insurance will not cover medical procedures like they use to and the doctors do not get paid what they need…oh wait..”Is it because they have raised their prices too?”. The pharmaceutical companies have raised their prices to skyrocketing amounts and the insurance companies will not cover the costs. “Who is making all the $$$?”. How can the cost go up so high when the service has gone down so low? The answer to that question will remain a mystery!

It is really sad to know that most everyone I know has little to no insurance. We try an avoid seeing the doctor because of the out of pocket expense. We do without medications because without a job or low-paying job we can’t afford the prescription.

It seems to me that the Medical Community is trying to be just like “Big Government”. So big that no one will be able to monitor what the different sections are doing. Cost will continue to rise and service will continue to slid downward. How sad that this is the way things are in the United States. The once thriving medical field is only after one thing….$$$! And with Americans out of work and out of $$$ the insurance and medical costs will just rise. They don’t have enough coming in so they have to charge more to make ends meet. Wow..Really! “Sad!”

The amount of information on this dire state of events floods the media outlets and is the topic of conversation for many. I have not even touch the tip of the proverbial iceberg and it is already bad.

Do you have insurance? Can you afford to pay your medical bills?

Peach State

Peach State says: When All Else Fails!


The final preparations were being made for dinner and the local news makes a statement…
“This is set to be the final GOP Debate…” My husband starts looking for the channel and time as the boys cringe with anticipation. “Found it but can’t record it!” “Who is recording 2012?” Never-mind I will record upstairs.” 8:00 arrives and everyone gathers for the nightly TiVo programming.
Quietly I reached for the remote and pressed list…”Suggestions?” American Idol will do. I started saying who was staying and who was leaving before the judges announced it…and had to admit to spoilers. The top 24 were leaked and so far I knew them all…”Then why watch?” If not Idol then what…The GOP Debate? “When All Else Fails!” A Movie!

We had a movie we all wanted to see and anything was better that politics. I have had enough politics to last a lifetime. We could have caught up on TiVo after fast forwarding through American Idol and cleaned off our list of recordings. The consensus spoke their minds and the decision was made…Tower Heist it is! The cast of this movie made it worth the watching. What an ensemble of personality quirks! Ben Stiller is one of our favorites as well as Matthew Broderick, who was recognized by my sons as Ferris. And Alan Alda, well liked since MASH days, was the icing on the cake. The premise of the movie was current and the unlikely collection of comrades unfolded.

“Don’t worry…I am not one of those people that tell you how it ends.”. The comic action unfolds and trust issues come into view. Wrenches are thrown into the plan and the cast must adapt.
All in all I give it two thumbs up and enjoyed the movie. It is past 11:00 by this time and the TV goes dark. Conversation lingers as we prepare to go upstairs for bed. “I am glad we watched the movie.” says one of my sons. “Anything is better than a debate!” says the other son. “When All Else Fails!” Movie time!

We will watch the debate later this week with the boys and will try and finalize our decision on which candidate to vote for in March. The constant barrage of commercials and interviews show each candidate trying to one-up the others by throwing the others under the proverbial bus. You can only handle so much of this sport. I would rather watch wrestling. “Nope…not even wrestling!” It is fake and staged too! The TV Series seasons are changing and most of our shows are showing their Season Finales. Only a few of our seasonal favorites are returning due to schedule upheavals and television politics. You know…do away with the good shows and keep the bad ones! We have more movies that we have not seen and may have to save them for another time. I am sure we will face another crisis of what to watch and “When All Else Fails!</em …well you understand!

Until then I will rest assured, knowing the majority will always make the decision, and TV viewing will continue on as a family activity. As I close..I have opened the window on the back door. The sounds of morning have begun. The birds each chirping their greetings as the dogs bark at passing walkers. The wind chimes tinkle and clank as the slight breeze stirs them gently. Life seems so easy and calm with these sounds flowing through the window. Maybe instead of “debating” what to watch we should just turn the TV off and open a window. “Yea..I know the boys would like that idea!” But “When All Else Fails!” they will want a movie…loud and full of action not nature singing to them mixed with life. The TV does not usually come on till about 7:00 so until then the house can be filled with bird songs and wind chimes and my music…”They really love that!”

What do you do “When All Else Fails”? When there is absolutely nothing to do and the natives, children, are restless. Pass on suggestions or advice! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Facebook Humor Time!

We love to laugh and share our dreams with those on our wall…
What can I share this week?

The dreams we have to succeed and find love are often not as important to some…

The dream car…How about a car that is reliable and doesn’t drink gas?

Inspiration: the quotes and pictures that need to be shared…
I have found some that strike right to the core!

There is not a need for this on the wall!!

For the person who is struggling…and needs a gentle, childlike nudge!

I just love the examples we learn from as children!
This one was one of my favorites…I do not know why it was sent to me…HeHe!


We have the cat and dog pics that speak our mind…well…you judge for yourself!



Last but not least…this one made quite an impact and I personally appreciate the humor in it…What do you think?

Someone who is able to admit their situation and solve it without causing harm to others should be applauded!
I know you have similar inspiring pics that you receive. Send me your favorites! I love sharing wisdom! Have a great day!

Peach State

Peach State says: Just Peas in a Pod!


We are always together in small giggling groups. We act as if we have been friends since childhood. We share a friendship that will last forever…that’s us…“Just Peas in a Pod!”

The kindred spirits, anchored together in faith, clustered together because of talents and similarities. The fun has just begun as we sit and visit. The laughter bounces off the surrounding walls and fixtures uncontrollably. “We are going to be banned from Starbucks if we do not calm down!”. Whispers rise from one of the peas and we snicker and huddle closer together. The non-verbal communications begin with simple looks and sparkles in the eyes of those around the table. We miss those who are not with us…of course we will be with them soon enough in choir practice.

We flutter around, in large crowds, visiting and laughing with many. Hugs abound and conversations are varied as we move in a harmonic dance. There are pods on this plant…each pod shares similar views making us alike in so many ways. The stages of life may separate us a little but the humor is a bungee cord yanking us together with a vicious snap. We know when one is not feeling up to par by the squint of the eyes or lack of volume in the laughter. The twinkle does not seem as bight and the peas will lend their strength and well wishes in hopes of quick recovery. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

Our pod is either very large or perhaps we pod-hop! We fit snugly together in many different combinations and pods. We nudge each other in passing as we go about our day. Actively popping in and out of the pods and developing lasting relationships with those we meet.

We share many parts of our life…but never share the coffee…”I chuckle softly at that thought!” We do share the time together with our individual cups of the “heavenly brew” warming our hands. The types of liquid based fixes are as different as the individuals drinking from the cups. There are a few of us peas that indulge the cold-bottled liquid, Diet Coke and Mr. Pibb being the standard, due to not liking coffee. We need to pray for them!

I know you are probably thinking how weird I am for writing about this group of people. I have been fortunate most of my adult life to have this “pod-like” friendship. I don’t think I could function without them. We may not share the deepest parts of us with everyone in the pod but, there are those in the pod who hold our secrets. Sadly, as with any pod, peas will be separated. Some move to another city or state and some across the country. The gathering ceases and the laughter is decreased. A “new pod” replaces the “old pod” and the cycle begins again. Memories are made and built in hopes of surviving the next separation. “Just Peas in a Pod!”

I know, if you just take a moment to evaluate those you hold dear, you will see you are part of a “pod” too. What brought you together? Demographics, school, clubs, work, travel…the lists just goes on. It is not about looks or wealth! “I am so glad about this!” Our bond was created just for us…and will increase in strength and love. I miss the other peas and cannot wait to see them. They become extended family…important to our basic survival. The peas get sick together and help each other through the hard times. We may not know, at the time, how much we help each other but that is not important. “I only have one regret! That my husband is not a functioning member of the “pod”!” His schedule and mind-set keep him uninvolved.

Speaking of the daily nudges from the peas…I just received a text…Hehe! My day has started and I must begin the tasks ahead in hopes of completing the list. I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to touch base, or nudge, the “peas in your pod” and brighten their day as well as your own.

Peach State

Peach State says: Rough Road Ahead


We have all seen signs along the side of the road informing us of situations coming our way. Detours and road construction are common sights and we hit the steering wheel and complain as if we have no options. We can continue, following the Detour, and still reach our destination. We can sit, realizing we are not the only ones inconvenienced, and wait for the traffic to flow again. We can rely on our GPS to “recalculate” your route to avoid the complications. Wait…we can just turn around and give up! “REALLY!” Warning “Rough Road Ahead”

If you watch the news and pay attention to what is going on in the world today you know this to be true. Preparation for winter weather driving and cutting back on unnecessary travel to save $$ at the gas pump, are just a couple of common sense reactions. We will all struggle to get where we are going in our little world. The road blocks are talked about daily though the media and at the “proverbial” water cooler. Wisely consider the options and think first before heading boldly out into the day. I wish you good luck in your daily travels wherever this Detour may take you.

With this said I would like to think about the bumps in the road. The ones that are not visible from a distance. You never see them coming! Typically we cannot plan for these and are thrown for a loop by the circumstances surrounding this “bump in the road”. There is no way to avoid them and we must stop what we are doing to resolve the issue. Health concerns, loss of job, and accidents often invade our day to day existence quickly with hurricane force winds. Our feet are swept out from under us and we ask ourselves why we never saw it coming. I am here to tell you…there is a ..“Rough Road Ahead!”

It would great if there were warning signs letting us know when accidents or health concerns would effect our travel. But…where is the fun in that? I do not mean to make light of the hard situations we have to sometimes maneuver just to tread water. There are many degrees of impact associated with these bumps in the road”. We just have to stop and take care of the situation the best we can and allow those around us to help. “Just a thought…make sure to help others during their travels…you never know when you will need a favor in return”.

Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing signs that said…
You’re Fired
Divorce Ahead
You did not make the grade!
Keep looking…No job here!

Warnings do not occur at our convenience and we do not have the luxury to plan ahead as the bridge collapses in front of us. Recalculating our direction may take longer but we will at least have time to consider the options in front of us. I think if we take the precautions to protect ourselves and study…taking care of those around us first…the bumps in the road will at least be driven over slowly. We will be able to complete our time on the road and reach our destination safely. We may be bruised and dented…but we will be able to face the day! Knowledge and preparation are wonderful but nothing compares to strong relationships of family and friends during this time of upheaval. One foot in front of the other…one day at a time…slow and sure…We will manage to survive the “Rough Road Ahead” and possible learn something along the way to help others when they have a “What now?” situation happen in their life.

How will you handle what get thrown in your way? Will you stand up straight and bravely face the situation or will you hit the steering wheel and turn the car around and go home? Maybe you are in the detour right now and have some wisdom to share or need to hear suggestions. We must help each other…share what you know and if you need help let someone know. You might find the the “Rough Road Ahead” will slowly smooth out and return to a normal peaceful journey.

Peach State

Peach State says: Rain on a Tin Roof

I am sitting here in church!

I just had to share the sound!
The heavy rain in beating against the Tin Roof of our church. The silence
had already been broken today but the constant beating of the weather
driven drums have filled the large Worship Center.
Glad I am indoors!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Peach State