Peach State says: Ahead of the Game!


The vicious circle started again this morning with the waking sound, of the song I am singing for this Sunday’s Special, bursting forth from the alarm. “It is a good thing I was beginning wake up because the song is a delicate and slow moving instrumental.”. Up and we’re off….down the stairs and to the coffee pot. Zap the coffee! Let the princess dog out….sip the zapped coffee! Check my usual sights on the iPhone because the computer is acting up! Back to the kitchen with a zig and a zag…reminding myself to fold the dish towels that are on the Dinning Room table. “Oh and I need to check the clothes in the dryer…hubby needs socks….at least they are clean!”. Breakfast delivered and socks paired and placed in the appropriate drawer. Towels folded and placed in the decorative metal bowl on the counter. Breathe! Sip the brew!!! Breathe!

A typical morning, with an array of uncompleted projects mixed in, has placed me in “Game Plan” mode. The added good fortune of possible visitors provides all incentive to complete these varied odd jobs. Hubby is getting ready for work and youngest son is off to school…items stacked in the Dinning Room need to be moved later! “That is going to be a lovely job for a pair of strapping young men”. Move some furniture around in my office and….take a few sips of the wonderfully blended nectar…”Sorry!”…my latte’. Hubby leaves for work and suggests I rest and try to feel better! “Right!” That is top of my list honey!

I am not your typical “chicken with it’s head cut off” running around in a whirlwind of unaccomplished tasks. I accepted the mission and watched to tape destroy itself. (Mission Impossible reference). I have already gained momentum and am in the home stretch…I am so “Ahead of the Game!”.

This is very encouraging and I am motivated to get dinner started and let it cook all day. At this rate I may even dust. “Who likes to dust?”. The roofers three doors down are beginning to create a rhythm, of sorts, that has been going on for three days. The clouds are slowly filling the canopy of nature outside my window. This will slow their progress down in completing their job today.

As for me, My hope is to finish proofing my book today and begin the rewrite. I would love to pass it along to two people for final proofing and suggestions next week. I have high hopes but may have to make time for “Ear Candle” therapy. The ringing in my ears is beginning to muffle the slightest of sounds. The beating of my heart and the faint sounds coming from my typing are the only sounds I can presently hear. The rat-a-tat from the roofers has all but disappeared with the growing ringing in my ears. “I hate my sinuses!”. I will be able to use this time, milking the fact of not feeling my best, and focus on my book. I can remain “Ahead of the Game!”

Today is going to be a great day! My car is getting picked up later and will be repaired! My house will be cleaner than usual! My book will be worked on…and in the final stages! I will be spoiled and pampered by family, in hopes I don’t get sick! “I know timing is crucial with singing this weekend!” Moving past that idea of failure quickly in overcoming fashion. It is all in the frame of mind…keeping my mind set on the game plan and moving gallantly onward. An “Army of One”!

We have to remain focused on the tasks laid before us each day. There will be days when we have to complete a job or two,left over from the previous day, but that is okay. This is just what it takes to maneuver this wonderful life we have. Take the day and run with it. Spin and jump over the obstacles running at you from all sides. Try to avoid being hit! If you are hit and cannot complete your run…get up! Start again from where you left off…move forward…and do your best to stay “Ahead of the Game!”

Peach State

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