Peach State says: Relive their Childhood..It Can be Fun!

I need this shirt! Embarrassing my Children: Just one more service I offer!

“Really Mom!” “Not in front of the other kids!” “Just drop me here!” We have heard these statements before. They rise up from the depths of fear and hit us smack between the eyes. Our sweet little angels no longer need the last-minute love and advice from Mom and Dad. But….Now that they are older….We can retaliate and do what we do best. Embarrass the heck out of them just for fun!

The wonderful opportunity to totally humiliate them, in a loving way of course, and remind them the “We brought them into this world and We can take them out!” I don’t know how many times I heard that while I was living with my parents. The stories and tales of a child’s actions and decisions will hold many in their seat. The pictures are laid out and strewn to provide the viewer optimal visibility. “This is when the Goat licked him right in his face!….and this is when he got stuck in the rails of the stairway!…He wanted to help me cook and dropped the flour container.” Let’s not forget the girlfriend pictures on the phone. We show everyone….and then we see their pictures. It is a parent’s right to pursue this natural, God-given, form of bragging. After all, we are bragging on them…even if they don’t see it that way.

We sing them the songs they loved to sing, as a child, and they fuss and beg you to stop. “I’ll go up stairs”, “I’m outta here!” are familiar phrases spoken by the almost men in my house. What they don’t realize is the joy we, as parents, receive from seeing the sparkle of light in their eyes as they flash on the memory. “They need to be reminded as much as we do!” We stir the embers of memories and find that they still hold stories of their own. They share what they remember and we add what they have forgotten. “I can remember what I did as a small child because of similar “Memory Sessions” with my parents.” There is nothing wrong with this…They will enjoy “Reliving their Childhood” too as they begin making their own memories.

Grandparents cling to their children’s memories and to the new ones being made with their grandchildren. My dad calls the stories of my sons “isms”. They are specific and funny. My second son recently returned from a 2 week visit with my parents. He recalled a fact trying to show me he knew something I did not know. “Did you know that the uncle, I am named for, used to live in Piper, Alabama?” “Yes I did, I wrote a paper about that very topic in High School.” “I received and A and my teacher quoted me as a source for her Master’s Thesis.” Mom 2 points…son 1. I talked with him about Piper and filled in the gaps in this part of his history.

Parents start out reading Dr. Seuss and end telling the family history to the next generation. Historians and Bards of sorts! This is not a new twist to parenthood. This is just the way it is! Parents have been doing this very task to preserve the family name and history. The stories are passed down through the generations, sometimes as fishing tales, changing to capture the hook in a child’s mind. “Did I tell you about when?…”Do you remember the story about?”…and my favorite “When I was your age!”

Relive their Childhood..It Can be Fun!” Maybe we do it out of necessity…not wanting to forget how much they needed us. The tender little bundle of joy, gazing up at us with love and happiness, is almost grown and no longer shows absolute love in a simple expression. “Boy, do I miss that little face!” But there is a spark of love in their look of fear when the pictures come out. The beaming spirit reveals itself in quick disputes….”No mom..not the baby pictures!” They are proud, on the inside, when we bring the monuments to their childhood out and parade them proudly to those in the room. These are people who are important to them and they need to know exactly what they are getting in to being associated with our sons. “Did that sound sarcastic?”

We, as parents, do enjoy “Reliving their Childhood“. We need to make all the sentimental connections we can…because we LOVE them and need to remind them in ways other that verbal. But no one said we could not have FUN while we do it! So..pull out the baby pictures and the stories…make some snackies for them…and “Relive their Childhood..It Can be Fun!

Peach State



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  1. And it is even more fun when you get to share their history with their children! “What? Your mom wanted you to clean your room? Well, let me tell you what I found growing in HER room one time!” OR “Your Mom doesn’t like what you are wearing? Well, let me show you a picture of your mom at your age!” The fun never ends!

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